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FIGURE 1. Left: Spanish Cenozoic basins, with location of the Ribesalbes-Alcora Basin and the schematic distribution of sediments and the position of the studied fossil sites. Right: Synthetic column of the Campisano ravine with the situation of the studied sites. ACS: Araia Cantera Sud; BC: Barranc de Campisano; CBR: Corral de Brisca; FS: Foieta la Sarra; MAB: Mas d’Antolino B; MCX: Mas dels Coixos; MTR: Mas de Torner. La Rinconada is the classical Fossil-Lagerstätte site with remains of insects, plants and amphibians. Modified from Crespo et al. (2018; 2019a).






FIGURE 2. Teeth of the family Soricidae from the Ribesalbes-Alcora Basin. Oligosorex thauensis: 1- Right i (lingual view, MAB5-435); 2- Right a2 (MAB3-780); 3- Left p4 (MAB11-134); 4- Right m1 (MAB0B-42); 5- Right m1 (MAB11B-9); 6- Left m2 (MTR2-203); 7- Left m1 (MAB3-868); 8- Right m2 (MAB5-376); 9- Right m3 (MAB5-889); 10- Left m3 (MAB6-10); 11- Right I (MAB0B-48); 12- Left I (MAB3-868); 13- Left A1 (MAB3-796); 14- Right P4 (MAB3-777); 15- Left P4 (MAB5-390); 16- Left M1 (MAB5-387); 17- Left M1 (MAB11B-6); 18- Right M1 (CBR0E-5); 19- Left M2 (MAB0A-82); 20- Right M2 (MAB5-144); 21- Right M2 (CBR0G-3); 22- Right M3 (MAB0B-45); 23- Left M3 (MAB3-713); 24- Right M3 (MAB5-731); cf. Soricella discrepans: 25- Left M1 (FS1-69); 26- detail in optical microscope of the FS1-69 to remark the lingual cingulum poorly observed in SEM photography. Paenelimnoecus micromorphus: 27- Right mandible with p4-m3 (BC1-196); 28- Left M1 (BC1-161). Scale bar equals 1 mm.






FIGURE 3. Teeth of the family Heterosoricidae from the Ribesalbes-Alcora Basin. Heterosorex neumayrianus: 1- Right i (labial view, MAB3-864); 2- Right a3 (BC1-191); 3- Right p4 (MAB3-792); 4- Right m1 (MTR2-195); 5- Left m1 (MAB3-862); 6- Left m2 (MAB3-861); 7- Left m3 (BC1-192); 8- Right I (MAB3-807); 9- Left A1 (MAB0B-46); 10- Left A1 (MAB5-769); 11- Right A2 (MAB3-786); 12- Left A2 (MAB3-784); 13- Left A3 (MTR2-190); 14- Right A4 (MAB0B-52); 15- Left P4 (MAB5-749); 16- Right M1 (MAB3-700); 17- Right M3 (MAB11B-8). Scale bar equals 1 mm.