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author burrowCarole Burrow. Geosciences, Queensland Museum, 122 Gerler Rd, Hendra, Brisbane, Queensland 4011, Australia.

Carole Burrow is an Honorary Research Fellow in Geosciences at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane. She completed a Ph D on mid-Palaeozoic acanthodians of eastern Australia in 2001, and continues to specialize on this group of fossil fishes. She has been working with her coauthors on the Lower and Middle Devonian acanthodians of Scotland over the last couple of decades.



author jbdJan den Blaauwen. University of Amsterdam, Science Park 904, 1098 XH, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Jan den Blaauwen works at the University of Amsterdam in the research group Structural and Functional Plasticity of the Nervous System. Since 1977 he has been working, as a non-professional palaeontologist, on the histology and morphology of the Middle Devonian fishes (especially acanthodians) of the north of Scotland and related areas. Furthermore is he involved in several research projects involving the biostratigraphy of Devonian fishes.



author newmanMichael Newman. Vine Lodge, Vine Road, Johnston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 3NZ, United Kingdom.

Michael Newman is a geology graduate from the University of Aberdeen and a fellow of the Geological Society of London. He is a non-professional palaeontologist specializing in the taxonomy and biostratigraphy of Palaeozoic fish particularly from the Old Red Sandstone Continent.