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TABLE 1. Measurements from the two fossil specimens from the Sandringham Sandstone, Black Rock, Victoria, Australia.

Measurement Metric (mm)
NMV P254995
Total length of mandible 103.97
Thickness of mandibular body at m1 12.74
Length of preserved toothrow 29.95
Depth under m1 22.87
Depth of mandibular body 23.32
Height of preserved coronoid fossa 36.84
NMV P254178
Total width 17.14
Total length 72.01
Width of mid-shaft 11.56
Width of base dorsal-ventral 13.17



TABLE 2. List of comparative specimens referred to in study.

Taxon Specimen Number Institution Sex
Acrophoca longirostris MNHN-F-SAS-563 MNHN ?
Cystophora cristata NHMUK 1907.9.4.4 NHML ?
Erignathus barbatus NHMUK 1908.11.26.1 NHML ?
Hadrokirus martini MNHN-F-SAS-16276 MNHN ?
Halichoerus grypus NHMUK 1961-5-18-11 NHML Male
Hydrurga leptonyx NMV C7375 NMV Female
Leptonychotes weddellii NMV C25094 NMV Male
Lobodon carcinophaga NMV C7385 NMV Male
Mirounga leonina NMV C7407 NMV Male
Monachus monachus USNM 219059 USNM ?
Neomonachus schauinslandi USNM 243839 USNM Female
Neomonachus tropicalis USNM 100354 USNM Male
Ommatophoca rossii NMV C7354 NMV ?
Pagophilus groenlandica NHMUK 1939.12.10.2 NHML ?
Phoca vitulina NHMUK 1919.7.7.3260 NHML ?
Piscophoca pacifica MNHN-F-SAS-564 MNHN ?
Pusa hispida NHMUK 1938.11.26.6 NHML Male