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Final citation: Bogan, Brooke A., Martindale, Rowan C., Feldmann, Rodney M., Schweitzer, Carrie E., and Muscente, A. Drew. 2023. Morphological insights into the lobster genus Uncina Quenstedt, 1851 based on new material from the Ya Ha Tinda Konservat-Lagerstätte, Canada (Early Jurassic). Palaeontologia Electronica, 26(1):a11.


Errata to Bogan et al., 2023
27 July 2023

Due to a typographical error, one of the Uncina pacifica specimens studied is listed as TMP2014.021.0003. However, this number should have been TMP2014.021.0023. Please note the following corrections:

In the Systematic Paleontology section under “Studied material” of Uncina pacifica, specimen TMP2014.021.0003 should be TMP2014.021.0023. Thus, the studied material should read: “TMP 2002.043.0002 to TMP 2002.043.0008, TMP 2002.043.0012, TMP 2002.043.0015, TMP 2014.021.0002 (note: specimen split across two samples, TMP 2013.036.0004 and TMP 2014.021.0002, hereafter specimen is referred to as TMP 2014.021.0002), TMP 2014.021.0005, TMP 2014.021.0007, TMP 2014.021.0008, TMP 2014.021.0023, TMP 2015.050.0039, TMP 2016.027.0003, TMP 2017.015.0001, TMP 2017.015.0003, TMP 2017.015.0005, and TMP 2018.024.0004”.

In the captions for Figures 4 and 5, specimen TMP2014.021.0003 should be TMP2014.021.0023 . Thus, the captions should read:

FIGURE 4. ... “D) Isolated major chela of the first pereiopod of U. pacifica (TMP 2014.021.0023).”

FIGURE 5. ... “A) Uncina pacifica, minor claw, specimen TMP 2014.021.0023.”...

TMP2014.021.0003 should not be listed in Table 1; also the stratigraphic height of TMP2014.021.0023 is 11.2 m (Kanense Zone, Toarcian).

TMP2014.021.0003 should not be listed in the Appendix 2 Table (Figure A4-10 refers to specimen TMP2014.021.0023).

In the caption for Figure A4-10 in Appendix 4, specimen TMP2014.021.0003 should be TMP2014.021.0023 . Thus, the captions should read: “FIGURE A4-10. Major chela of Uncina pacifica (part and counterpart), specimen TMP 2014.021.0023 (scale is in mm, numbers are cm).”