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FIGURE 1. Ammonites from the Portland Stone Formation Tisbury Member can be seen on the facing-left of this image, and fossil tree sections from the Purbeck Group Lulworth Formation on the facing-right.






FIGURE 2. One of the ornithopod footprints from the Purbeck Group Durlston Formation, Stair Hole Member, with yellow outline showing approximate shape of impression.







FIGURE 3. Trackway block samples after 3 treatments with CaLoSiL® E25 (no TiO2) at x10000 magnification, top left: ornithopod trackway before treatment; bottom left: ornithopod trackway after treatment; top right: theropod trackway before treatment; bottom right: theropod trackway after treatment. EHT 6.00kV, Signal A SE2, WD 8.1 mm, Magnification 10000 x.





FIGURE 4. Graph showing the cumulative weight gain on tape peels, which equate to cumulative loss of surface material.