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FIGURE 1. Location of Las Tazas site (white star) near to Valsequillo lagoon in the middle of Puebla State, and the location of the fossil site in a regional geological map (Servicio Geológico Mexicano, 2014; 1:50 000).






FIGURE 2. Stratigraphic column of the locality Las Tazas, Valsequillo, Puebla, indicating the layer with the fossil vertebrate materials. 






FIGURE 3. Fossil material of pampathere and horses from Las Tazas, Valsequillo, Puebla. Pampatherium mexicanum: A, movable osteoderm (BUAPAL 768); B, movable osteoderm fragment (BUAPAL 767); C, fixed scapular shield (BUAPAL 769); D, fixed scapular shield (BUAPAL 779). Equus conversidens: E, left M2 (BUAPAL 773); F, right M3 (BUAPAL 774). Equus sp.: G, right p3 (BUAPAL 771); H, right m2 (BUAPAL 772); I-J, left mandible (BUAPAL 780). Figures A-D in dorsal view; E-H and J in occlusal view; I in labial view.






FIGURE 4. Fossil material of bison from Las Tazas, Valsequillo, Puebla. Bison: A-B, cranium fragment (BUAPAL 755); C, molar M2 (BUAPAL 781); D, right mandible (BUAPAL 756); E, right scapula (BUAPAL 761); F, right ulna (BUAPAL 754); G, left metacarpus (BUAPAL 764); H-K, right astragalus (BUAPAL 763); L, cervical vertebra (BUAPAL 762); M-N, lumbar vertebra (BUAPAL 758); O-P, lumbar vertebrae (BUAPAL 759). Figures A in occipital view; C in occlusal view; I, L, N, and P in anterior view; B, E, and G in dorsal view; D, F, and K in lateral view; J in medial view; H, M, and O in posterior view.






FIGURE 5. Fossil material of camel and mammoth from Las Tazas, Valsequillo, Puebla. Camelops cf. C. hesternus: A-B, left calcaneus (BUAPAL 757). Mammuthus columbi: C, left femur (BUAPAL 775). Figure A in medial view; B in lateral view; C in caudal view.






FIGURE 6. Pollen diagram of the locality Las Tazas, Valsequillo, Puebla, Mexico. Showing on the right in dark green the arboreal elements vs in light green the herbaceous elements. Area delimited by grey lines indicates the layers with the presence of vertebrate remains (bone silhouette). Diagram was made in Tilia 3.0.1.