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PE Note: Corrigendum to Hone et al. (2020)
19 May 2020

Corrigendum to

Hone, D.W.E., Fitch, A.J., Ma, F., and Xu, X. 2020. An unusual new genus of istiodactylid pterosaur from China based on a near complete specimen. Palaeontologia Electronica, 23(1):a09.

In the published paper, the species name Luchibang xingzhe was given in the abstract and used elsewhere in the paper, but the species name was given as ‘xinzhe’ in the Systematic Palaeontology section. The former was the intention of the authors and the alternate use in error. According to section 32.5 of the ICZN this should be corrected, and we formally change this to Luchibang xingzhe.

Similarly, our original planned species name for this taxon ‘wuke’ appears in Figure 8 and the supplementary files. Since this name does not have a description, under Article 13 of the ICZN this is therefore a nomen nudum and should not be considered valid.