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FIGURE 1. Simplified phylogenetic tree of Magnoliidae, after Massoni et al. (2014). Hydnoraceae (Piperales) are excluded, because the family was not included in original publications positioning the 10 fossils considered here. Colored boxes summarize the positions of fossils reviewed in the present paper. Their specific positions are figured by small branches with the number of the corresponding fossil at the tip. These correspond to the most parsimonious position(s) found for each fossil in previous phylogenetic analyses (see text for details). The minimum ages provided by the fossils are presented at the nodes they calibrate. The dashed branch refers to the phylogenetic uncertainty about relationships among Hernandiaceae, Lauraceae, and Monimiaceae (the position of Fossil 7 is on a branch not represented here, corresponding to a different set of relationships among these three families). Fossils are numbered following their order in the text. Abbreviations: Ma, million anni.