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TABLE 1. Summary of the calibration points provided in the present paper. Abbreviations: Ma, million anni.

Fossil Taxon


Minimum Age

Endressinia brasiliana

Crown-group Magnoliineae (Doyle and Endress, 2010; Mohr et al., 2013)

112.6 Ma

Schenkeriphyllum glanduliferum

Crown-group Magnoliineae (Mohr et al., 2013)

112.6 Ma

Archaeanthus linnenbergeri

Stem Magnoliaceae (Doyle and Endress, 2010)

96.5 Ma

Virginianthus calycanthoides

Crown-group Laurales (Doyle et al., 2008)

107.7 Ma

Lovellea wintonensis

Crown-group Laurales (Dettmann et al., 2009)

100.1 Ma

Jerseyanthus calycanthoides

Crown-group Calycanthoideae (Crepet et al., 2005)

85.8 Ma

Cohongarootonia hispida

Crown-group core Laurales (von Balthazar et al., 2011)

107.7 Ma

Mauldinia mirabilis

Crown-group core Laurales (Doyle and Endress, 2010)

95.5 Ma

Walkeripollis gabonensis

Crown-group Canellales (Doyle and Endress, 2010)

125.9 Ma

Saururus tuckerae

Stem node of extant Saururus (Smith and Stockey, 2007)

44.3 Ma