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Contents: Volume 1, Issue 1 - January 1998

ISSN 1094-8074

Endoceras movieDiving into a shallow, sunlit ocean in the Paleozoic, we find a group of straight-shelled nautiloids, 2 m long, perhaps congregating for mating. The movie was made using the "Povray" ray tracer on an SGI computer. To learn more about the artist, follow this link.



The Role and the Promise of Electronic Publishing in Paleontology

Norman MacLeod and R. Timothy Patterson

Paleontology–The Adventure Continues

Jere H. Lipps



Body position and the functional morphology of Cretaceous Heteromorph Ammonites
PE Article 1.1.1

Neale Monks and Jeremy R. Young

Evidence of binary division in mature central capsules of a Collosphaerid Colonial Radiolarian: implications for shell ontogenetic patterns in modern and fossil species
PE Article 1.1.2

O. Roger Anderson and Shyam M. Gupta

Application of the modern analog technique (MAT) of sea surface temperature estimation to Middle Pliocene North Pacific Planktonic foraminifer assemblages
PE Article 1.1.3

Harry J. Dowsett and Marci M. Robinson

Identification key for Holocene Lacustrine Arcellacean (Thecamoebian) taxa
PE Article 1.1.4

Arun Kumar and Andrew P. Dalby


Reviews: Books

Surveying Natural Populations by L-A. C. Hayek and M. Buzas

Norman MacLeod


Reviews: Meetings

Paleontology in 21st Century

Whitey Hagadorn