New research suggests that extinction of Late Quaternary large mammals may have been related to an early ICZN requirement recommending distribution of a reasonable number of syntypes of each newly described taxon.The Secret to a Long Life
R. Timothy Patterson

Feathers, Fakes and Fossil Dealers: How the Commercial Sale of Fossils Erodes Science and Education
Kevin Padian

Creative Paleontology
Jere H. Lipps


Illustration and Taxonomic Reevaluation of Neogene Foraminifera Described from Japan
David B.Scott, Y. Takayanagi, S. Hasegawa, and T. Saito

Function and Adaptation in Paleontology and Phylogenetics: Why Do We Omit Darwin?
Frederick S. Szalay

Late Holocene Environment of the Southern North Sea from the Stable Isotopic Composition of Queen Scallop Shells
Jon A. Hickson, Andrew L.A. Johnson, Tim H.E. Heaton, and Peter S. Balson

Sea Surface-water Temperature and Isotopic Reconstructions from Nannoplankton Data Using Artificial Neural Networks
Marco Pozzi, Björn A. Malmgren, and Simonetta Monechi

Application of a Three-Dimensional Color Laser Scanner to Paleontology
Patrick D. Lyons, Marc Rioux, and R. Timothy Patterson

Technical Books

The First Fossil Hunters
Paleontology in Greek and Roman Times

by Adrienne Mayor
Reviewer: Norman MacLeod

A Fish Caught in Time
by Samantha Weinberg
Reviewer: Phil Adds

Late Paleocene—Early Eocene
Climatic and Biotic Events in the Marine and Terrestrial Records

edited by: Marie-Pierre Aubry, Spencer Lucas, and and William Berggren
Reviewer: Stephen Schellenberg

Reef Evolution
by Rachel Wood
Reviewer: Nicole Fraser

Popular Books

Atlas of the Prehistoric World
by Douglas Palmer
Reviewer: Judith A. Schiebout

Web Site Annotations
by William Riedel and P. Dave Polly
Paleontological and related web sites.
Paleontology newsletters and related electronic journals.

Teaching Resources
by William Riedel and P. Dave Polly
Sites for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools.

Notes from The 5th IGCP 393 meeting

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