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From the Executive Editors (PDF)
Norm MacLeod and Whitey Hagadorn

Reclaiming Evolution for the Fossils (PDF)
Graham Budd

How to get a Reputation in Paleontology! A Twelve-Step Program (PDF)
Jere H. Lipps

Early Life, Science, and Wrestling (PDF)
Stefan Bengtson


Computed Tomography of an Anolis Lizard in Dominican Amber: Systematic, Taphonomic, Biogeographic, and Evolutionary Implications (PDF)
Michael J. Polcyn, Jack V. Rogers II , Yoshitsugu Kobayashi, and Louis L. Jacobs

Environmental Control of Diversity, Evolutionary Rates and Taxa Longevities in Antarctic Neogne Radiolaria (PDF)
David B. Lazarus

Stereographic Virtual Reality Representations of Microfossils in Light Microscopy (PDF)
Michael W. Knappertsbusch

Imaging Fossils Using Reflectance Transformation and Interactive Manipulation of Virtual Light Sources (PDF)
ěyvind Hammer, Stefan Bengtson, Tom Malzbender, and Dan Gelb

PE NOTES: Within each article are links in the contents column to material that may be of further use to specific readers. There is a plain-language summary that is presented as text and in an oral version. There are multiple versions of the abstract in English, Franšais, Espa˝ol, Italiano, and Deutsche. The English abstract is also presented in an oral version. Acrobat PDF versions of the articles are available (click on PDF beside the title) or from the contents column within the individual articles.

The Age of the Earth: from 4004 BC to AD 2002 (PDF)
Edited by C.L.E. Lewis and S.J. Knell
Reviewer: Ian C. Johnston

The Armored Dinosaurs (PDF)
by Kenneth Carpenter (ed.)
Reviewer: Peter Makovicky

The Map That Changed the World:
William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology
by Simon Winchester
Reviewer: Ben Waggoner

Mesozoic Vertebrate Life (PDF)
by Darren Tanke and Kenneth Carpenter (eds.)
Reviewer: John R. Hutchinson

Dinosaurs Under the Big Sky (PDF)
by Jack Horner
Reviewer: Fred Shochet

Time Traveler:
In Search of Dinosaurs and Other Fossils from Montana to Mongolia
by Michael Novacek
Reviewer: Mike Everhart

The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins (PDF)
by Barbara Kerley; illustrated by Brian Selznick
Reviewer: Jennifer Collins

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by P. Dave Polly
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by P. Dave Polly
Sites for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools.

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