From the Executive Editors (PDF) 8.1.1E
Whitey Hagadorn and P. David Polly

Paleontology in Honor of William R. Downs III (1950-2002) (PDF) 8.1.2E
Guest Editors: Catherine Badgley, Lawrence J. Flynn, Louis L. Jacobs, and Louis H. Taylor

Will Downs' Role in the Geological Reconnaissance of River Canyons in Western China (PDF) 8.1.1A 
Peter Winn

Mio-Pliocene Growth of the Tibetan Plateau and Evolution of East Asian Climate (PDF) 8.1.2A
Peter Molnar

Translation of Otto Zdansky's "The Localities of the Hipparion Fauna of Baode Country in Northwest Shanxi" (1923) (PDF) 8.1.3A
Tuomas Jokela, Jussi T. Eronen, Anu Kaakinen, Liu Liping, Benjamin H. Passey, Zhang Zhaoqun, and Fu Mingkai

The Ossified Braincase and Cephalic Osteoderms of Shinisaurus crocodilurus (Squamata, Shinisauridae) (PDF) 8.1.4A
Gabe S. Bever, Christopher J. Bell, and Jessica A. Maisano

New Materials of Pararhizomys from Northern China (PDF) 8.1.5A
Zhang Zhaoqun, Lawrence J. Flynn, and Qiu Zhuding

Hyaenodonts and Carnivorans from the Early Oligocene to Early Miocene of Xianshuihe Formation, Lanzhou Basin, Gansu Province, China (PDF) 8.1.6A
Xiaoming Wang, Zhanxiang Qiu, and Banyue Wang

Gobiolagus (Lagomorpha, Mammalia) from Eocene Ula Usu, Inner Mongolia, and Comments on Eocene Lagomorphs of Asia (PDF) 8.1.7A
Jin Meng, Yaoming Hu, and Chuankui Li

Insect Bone-Modification and Paleoecology of Oligocene Mammal-Bearing Sites in the Doupov Mountains, Northwestern Bohemia (PDF) 8.1.8A
řich Fejfar and Thomas M. Kaiser

Turtle Tracks in the Judith River Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of South-Central Montana (PDF) 8.1.9A
Anthony R. Fiorillo

Anaglyph Stereo Imaging of Dinosaur Track Morphology and Microtopography (PDF) 8.1.10A
Stephen M. Gatesy, Neil H. Shubin, and Farish A. Jenkins, Jr.

New Species of Sinocapra (Bovidae, Caprinae) from the Lower Pliocene Panaca Formation, Nevada, USA (PDF) 8.1.11A
Jim I. Mead and Louis H. Taylor

The Facial Skeleton of the Early Oligocene Colodon (Perissodactyla, Tapiroidea) (PDF) 8.1.12A
Matthew W. Colbert

A Procolophonid (Parareptilia) from the Owl Rock Member, Chinle Formation of Utah, USA (PDF) 8.1.13A
Nicholas C. Fraser, Randall B. Irmis, and David K. Elliott

Microwear in Modern Squirrels in Relation to Diet (PDF) 8.1.14A
Sherry Nelson, Catherine Badgley, and Emily Zakem

Biostratigraphic Surveys in the Siwaliks of Pakistan: A Method for Standardized Surface Sampling of the Vertebrate Fossil Record (PDF) 8.1.15A
Anna K. Behrensmeyer and John C. Barry

Misconceptions Arising from the Misassignment of Nonhominoid Teeth to the Miocene Hominoid Sivapithecus (PDF) 8.1.16A
Jay Kelley

An Unusual Diatomyid Rodent from an Infrequently Sampled Late Miocene Interval in the Siwaliks of Pakistan (PDF) 8.1.17A
Lawrence J. Flynn and Michèle E. Morgan

Snakes of the Siwalik Group (Miocene of Pakistan): Systematics and Relationship to Environmental Change (PDF) 8.1.18A
Jason J. Head

Will Downs and the Zinda Pir Dome (PDF) 8.1.19A
Everett H. Lindsay, Lawrence J. Flynn, Iqbal U. Cheema, John C. Barry, Kevin F. Downing, A. Rahim Rajpar, and S. Mahmood Raza

Relationship of Chitarwata Formation Paleodrainage and Paleoenvironments to Himalayan Tectonics and Indus River Paleogeography (PDF) 8.1.20A
Kevin F. Downing and Everett H. Lindsay

A New Enigmatic Large Rhinocerotid from the Upper Member of the Chitarwata Formation at Zinda Pir Dome, Western Pakistan (PDF) 8.1.21A
Kevin F. Downing

Oligocene and Early Miocene Ruminants (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) from Pakistan and Uganda (PDF) 8.1.22A
John C. Barry, Susanne Cote, Laura MacLatchy, Everett H. Lindsay, Robert Kityo, and A. Rahim Rajpar

Taphonomic Observations on a Camel Skeleton in a Desert Environoment in Abu Dhabi (PDF) 8.1.23A
Peter Andrews and Peter Whybrow

Small Rodents and a Lagomorph from the Early Miocene Bukwa Locality, Eastern Uganda (PDF) 8.1.24A
Alisa J. Winkler, Laura MacLatchy, and Moses Mafabi

Oligocene Terrestrial Strata of Northwestern Ethiopia: A Preliminary Report on Paleoenvironments and Paleontology (PDF) 8.1.25A
Bonnie F. Jacobs, Neil Tabor, Mulugeta Feseha, Aaron Pan, John Kappelman, Tab Rasmussen, William Sanders, Michael Wiemann, Jeff Crabaugh, and Juan Leandro Garcia Massini

A Morphological Model and CT Assessment of the Skull of Pachyrachis problematicus (Squamata, Serpentes), A 98 Million Year-Old Snake with Legs from the Middle East (PDF) 8.1.26A
M.J. Polcyn, Louis L. Jacobs, and Annat Haber

Sauropod Dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous of Malawi, Africa (PDF) 8.1.27A
Elizabeth M. Gomani

Therapsids from the Permian Chiweta Beds and the Age of the Karoo Supergroup in Malawi (PDF) 8.1.28A
Louis L. Jacobs, Dale A. Winkler, Kent D. Newman, Elizabeth Gomani, and Alan Deino

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