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Table 1. General distributional data for the polycystine species treated. Geographic distribution areas refer to those indicated in Figure 11. Most abundant species are denoted with bold lettering. Numbers in body of table indicate approximate pecentage contribution to the correponding assemblages; 10: between 5 and slightly over 10%, exceptionally up to 20-30%; 5: up to 5%, usually around 1-3%; A: abundant; P: present. Depths defined are those of peak abundance of the species as derived from various reports, mostly based on materials from the Pacific Ocean. These vertical ranges are probably generally valid for middle and low latitudes, but not for the Subantarctic and Antarctic areas. Species linked to graphics.
  Warm water   Cold water  
Equat. low prod. Central Gyre Subtropical Transitional Subantarctic Antarctic Depth
Acanthodesmia viniculata P P 5 P P     0
Acanthosphaera actinota       P P      
Acanthosphaera dodecastyla   P P P P      
Acanthosphaera pinchuda     P P P      
Acrosphaera murrayana 5 P P P P      
Acrosphaera spinosa   P 10 5 P      
Actinomma antarcticum         P 5 5 0
Actinomma arcadophorum P P P P        
Actinomma leptodermum       P P P    
Actinomma sol P P P P P     0-100
Amphirhopalum ypsilon P A A A P      
Amphispyris reticulata A A A A P      
Antarctissa denticulata group           5 10  
Anthocyrtidium ophirense P P P P P     25-50
Anthocyrtidium zanguebaricum A P P P P      
Arachnocorys circumtexta P P P P P     25-100
Arachnosphaera myriacantha P P P P        
Artostrobus annulatus P P P P P P A >100
Astrosphaera hexagonalis P P P P        
Botryocephalina armata P P P P P      
Botryocyrtis scutum P 5 5 5        
Botryopyle dictyocephalus P P P P P      
Botryostrobus aquilonaris           P 5 >100
Botryostrobus auritus/australis P P P P 5 5 P 100
Buccinosphaera invaginata   P A P P      
Callimitra carolotae P P P P        
Carpocanium spp. P P 5 P P     0
Carposphaera acanthophora P P P A P      
Cenosphaera spp.     5 5 5 5 P  
Centrobotrys thermophila P P P P        
Centrocubus cladostylus P P P P P      
Cephalospyris clathrobursa       P P      
Cladococcus cervicornis P P P P P      
Cladococcus megaceros P P P P P      
Clathrocanium coarctatum P P P A       0
Clathrocorys teuscheri A P P p P      
Clathrocyclas cassiopeiae P P P P        
Collosphaera huxleyi   P A P P      
Collosphaera macropora   P A P P      
Collosphaera tuberosa   P A P P      
Cornutella profunda Cosmopolitan             >100
Corocalyptra cervus P P P P 5      
Corocalyptra columba   P P A P      
Corocalyptra kruegeri P P P P        
Cromyechinus antarctica             5  
Cromyechinus icosacanthus P P P P        
Cromyomma circumtextum P P P P        
Cycladophora davisiana         P 5 5  
Cyrtopera laguncula Cosmopolitan?             >100
Dictyocephalus papillosus Cosmopolitan?              
Dictyocoryne profunda 5 5 P P P     0
Dictyocoryne truncatum   P P P P      
Dictyophimus gracilipes         P A 5 100
Dictyophimus hirundo Cosmopolitan?              
Dictyophimus infabricatus P P P P        
Didymocyrtis tetrathalamus 10 10 10 5 A     0
Dipylissa bensoni P? P? P? P?        
Druppatractus irregularis P P P P        
Euchitonia elegans/furcata group? P 5 10 5 P     0
Eucyrtidium acuminatum P P P A P     0
Eucyrtidium anomalum A P P A P      
Eucyrtidium hexastichum P P P P P     25-100
Heliaster hexagonium P P P P        
Heliodiscus asteriscus P P A P P     0
Heliosoma echinaster P P P P        
Helotholus histricosa       P P A A 0-100
Hexacontium aristarchi P P P P P      
Hexacontium armatum/hostile group P P 5 P P      
Hexacontium laevigatum P P P P        
Lamprocyclas hannai P? P? P? P?        
Lamprocyclas maritalis group? P P P A A     50-100
Lamprocyclas nigriniae P P P P       100->100
Lampromitra coronata P P P P        
Lampromitra danaes P P P P        
Lampromitra quadricuspis P P P P       100->100
Lampromitra schultzei P P P P        
Larcopyle butschlii P P P P A A P >100
Larcospyra quadrangula P A P A P     0
Lipmanella bombus P P P P        
Lipmanella dictyoceras P P P P 5     0
Litharachnium tentorium P P P P       100
Lithelius minor P P P 5 P P P  
Lithelius nautiloides         P P 5  
Lithopera bacca P A P P       0
Lithostrobus hexagonalis P P P P       0-100
Lophophaena butschlii P P P P        
Lophophaena hispida P P P P        
Lophospyris pentagona pentagona P P P P        
Neosemantis distephanus P P P P       0
Nephrospyris renilla P P P P        
Octodendron cubocentron P P P P        
Octopyle stenozona group? 5 10 10 5 5     0
Peromelissa phalacra P P P P        
Perypiramis circumtexta Cosmopolitan             >100
Phormacantha hystrix         P P P  
Phormospyris stabilis scaphipes P P P A A     25-100
Phormospyris stabilis stabilis P P P P        
Phormostichoartus corbula P P P P P A A 100->100
Phorticium clevei           P 5  
Plagoniidae group 10 5 5 A A A 5  
Plegmosphaera entodictyon P P P P        
Plegmosphaera exodictyon P P P P        
Plegmosphaera pachyplegma P P P P        
Pseudocubus obeliscus       P P P 5  
Pterocanium elegans P P P P        
Pterocanium praetextum P P 5 5 P     0
Pterocanium trilobum P P P P 5     0
Pterocorys herwigii P P P A P     0
Pterocorys minythorax P P P P 10     0
Pterocorys zancleus P P P A P      
Pterocyrtidium dogieli P? P? P? P?        
Pteroscenium pinnatum P P P P        
Pylolena armata group? P P P A P      
Pylospyra octopyle P? P? P? P?        
Saccospyris antarctica           P 5  
Saturnalis circularis       P P P    
Sethoconus anthocyrtis P P P P        
Sethodiscus macococcus       P P      
Sethophormis aurelia P P P P       0
Sethophormis rotula         P P P  
Siphocampe arachnea         P P A >100
Siphocampe lineata         P P 5  
Siphonosphaera martensi   A A P P      
Siphonosphaera polysiphonia P A 5 P P     0
Solenosphaera chierchiae   A A P P      
Solenosphaera polysolenia   A A P P      
Solenosphaera zanguebarica   5 5 P P      
Spirocyrtis scalaris P P P P        
Spongaster tetras irregularis P P P A        
Spongaster tetras tetras 5 5 P P P     0
Spongocore cylindrica P P P P P     100
Spongodictyon spongiosum P P P P P      
Spongodiscus resurgens 5 P P P 10 P 5  
Spongoliva ellipsoides P P P P        
Spongoplegma antarcticum         P      
Spongoplegma rugosa P P P P        
Spongopyle setosa P P P P P 5 5 >100
Spongosphaera streptacantha P P P 5 P     0
Spongotrochus glacialis 5 P 5 10 P P 5 0
Spongurus pylomaticus       P P P A 0
Spongurus spp. 5 P P P P A 10 >100
Stichopilium bicorne P P P P        
Stylatractus spp.   P 5 5 P      
Stylochlamydium asteriscus P P P 5 P      
Stylodictya aculeata       P P 5 5  
Stylodictya multispina 5 5 5 10 10      
Stylosphaera melpomene P P P P        
Styptosphaera spumacea P P P P        
Tetraplecta pinigera P P P P        
Thecosphaera inermis P P P A A      
Theocorythium trachelium P P P P 5     0
Theopilium tricostatum P P P 5 P P P 0
Tholospyris anthophora     P P P      
Tholospyris ramosa P P P P        
Tholospyris tripodiscus P P P P        
Tribonosphaera centripetalis   P A P P      
Triceraspyris antarctica         P 5 10  
Tricolocampe cylindrica P P P P        
Trisulcus triacanthus P P P P P      
Zygocircus productus P P 5 P P      

NOTE: Data included in the table and depicted in the distributional maps are approximate and based on very limited current knowledge or the corresponding ranges; further research will undoubtedly introduce substantial changes to many of these patterns.


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