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MANOVA in the PCA.

MANOVA PC1 and 2 in prey types
Wilks´ lambda: 0.3934 Pillai trace: 0.6205
df1: 6 df1: 6
df2: 162 df2: 164
F: 16.05 F: 12.29
p (same): 1.91E-14 p (same): 2.10E-11
MANOVA PC1 and 2 in feeding tactics
Wilks´ lambda: 0.7072 Pillai trace: 0.3066
df1: 6 df1: 6
df2: 162 df2: 164
F: 5.107 F: 4.948
p (same): 7.88E-05 p (same): 0.000111