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The editorship of Palaeontologia Electronica include the following:

  • Carolin Haug, Executive Editor (2014-current)
  • Matus Hyzny, Executive Editor (2017-current)  
  • Heinrich Mallison, Executive Editor (2021-current) 
  • Meaghan M. Emery-Wetherell, Handling Editor (2020-current)
  • Jennifer Pattison Rumford, Managing Editor (1998-current)
  • Lydia Tackett, Editorials Editor 2019-current) 
  • Dariusz Nowakowski, Handling Editor (2018-current) 
  • Mike Pole, Handling Editor (2019-current) 
  • Alana Sharp, Handling Editor (2019-current) 
  • Ashraf M.T. Elewa, Handling Editor (2020-current) 
  • Enrique Peñalver Mollá, Handling Editor (2020-current) 
  • Christian Kammerer, Handling Editor (2015-current) 
  • Oleksandr Kovalchuk, Handling Editor (2020-current) 
  • Jon J. Smith, Handling Editor (2020-current)  
  • Russell Bicknell, Handling Editor (2020-current)  
  • Nawaf Nasser, Handling Editor (2021-current)  
  • Mathew Stewart, Handling Editor (2021-current)  
  • Ryan Felice, Handling Editor (2021-current)  
  • Joshua X. Samuels, Handling Editor (2021-current)
  • Hongyu Yi, Handling Editor (2021-current) 
  • Junxuan Fan, Handling Editor (2021-current) ,
  • Lukáš Laibl, Handling Editor (2021-current) 
  • Kerste Milik, Blog and Public Relations (2020-current)  
  • Ben Hillesheim, Blog and Public Relations (2020-current)
  • David L. Fox, Treasurer (2003-current)
  • Mark Sutton, Manuscript Tracking Editor (2006-current)
  • Beverly G. Gracia, Copy Editor



Ashraf M.T. Elewa. Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Minia University, Egypt


Antoine Souron. UMR CNRS 5199, PACEA laboratory, University of Bordeaux, France
Clément Jauvion.


Eva Gebauer. Zaunwiesenweg 2490482 Nürnberg, Germany


Krzysztof Stefaniak, Department of Palaeozoology, Institute of Environmental Biology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Wrocław University
Anna Żylińska. Department of Historical and Regional Geology, Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw 
Natalia Starzyk, Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, Polish Academy of Sciences


Francisco Gascó Lluna. Grupo de Biología Evolutiva, UNED y Sociedad Española de Paleontología, Madrid, Spain
Diana Elizabeth Fernández. IDEAN - CONICET, Geological Sc. Department, University of Buenos Aires


Oleksandr Kovalchuk. National Museum of Natural History NAS of Ukraine
Zoltán Barkaszi. National Museum of Natural History NAS of Ukraine


Oleksandr Kovalchuk. National Museum of Natural History NAS of Ukraine
Zoltán Barkaszi. National Museum of Natural History NAS of Ukraine


Hongshan Wang. Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida

Emeritus Editors

Tim Patterson, Executive Editor, Reviews Editor (1998-2000)

Norman MacLeod, Executive Editor (1998-2002)

Whitey Hagadorn, Executive Editor (1998-2008)

William Riedel, Web Site Reviews and Education Editor (1998-2005)

Jason J. Head, Reviews Editor (2002-2007)

Stefan Bengtson, Editorial Editor (2000-2007)

Ben Waggoner, Book Reviews Editor (2001-2004)

Franziska Grossman, Manuscript Reviews Editor (2007-2008)

Mark Purnell, Executive Editor (1998-2011)

Peter S. Roopnarine, Special Issues Editor (2002-2011)

Daniela Schwarz, Style and Proofing Editor (2006-2013)

Roy Plotnick, Editorials Editor (2008-2014)

P. David Polly, Executive Editor (1998-2015)

Dena Smith, Reviews Editor (2008-2014)

Heinrich Mallison, Style and Proofing Editor (2009-2016)

Karen Black, Style and Proofing Editor (2014-2018) 

Camille Grohé, Style and Proofing Editor (2014-2018)

Brian L. Beatty, Handling Editor (2014-2018)

Amy Atwater, Blog and Publication Relations Editor  (2013-2019) 

Yamila Gurovich, Style and Proofing Editor (2018-2019) 

Stephen Q. Dornbos, Editorials Editor (2014-2019)

Julien Louys, Executive Editor (2012-2019)

Jaleigh Pier, Blog and Public Relations Editor  (2019-2020) 

Dan Ksepka, Fossil Calibration Editor (2012-2020)

James Parham, Fossil Calibration Editor (2012-2020)

Kenny J. Travouillon, Handling Editor (2014-2019) 

Yasuyuki Nakamura, Handling Editor (2015-2020)

Kerin Claeson, Handling Editor (2015-2021) 

Patrick Getty, Handling (2017-2021) 

Laura Wilson, Handling Editor (2017-2021) 

Richard Hofmann, Handling Editor (2019-2021)

Andrew Bush, Executive Editor (2014-2021) 

Daniel Hembree, Executive Editor (2015-2021) 


Copyright: Coquina Press, April  2021

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