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Contents: Volume 1, Issue 2 - 1 August 1998

ISSN 1094-8074

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Editorials and Letters

The Media, Trash Science, and Paleontology

Jere Lipps

Who Reads Palaeontologia Electronica Anyway?

P. Dave Polly

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Suggested Citations

Computer simulation of the evolution of foraging strategies: application to the ichnological record
PE 1.2.5A

Oyvind Hammer
Editors Note: the original PDF file for this article contained several errors that rendered it an inexact copy of the HTML file. Those errors have been corrected and the two versions now match. If you downloaded the PDF file on 3-5 August please download the revised PDF file to ensure you have a correct copy.

Classification and distribution of South Atlantic recent Polycystine radiolaria
PE 1.2.6A

Demetrio Boltovskoy

Some remarks and emendation of the Family Arionoceratidae Dzik (Cephalopoda, Nautiloidea)
PE 1.2.7A

Maurizio Gnoli

Likelihood estimation of the time of origin of Cetacea and the time of divergence of Cetacea and Artiodactyla
PE 1.2.8A

Philip D. Gingerich and Mark D. Uhen

QuickTime VR: A powerful new illustrative tool for micropaleontological research
PE 1.2.9A

Patrick D. Lyons and Laurence Head

Microvertebrate concentrations in pedogenic nodule conglomerates: recognizing the rocks and recovering and interpreting the fossils
PE 1.2.10A

J.A. Schiebout, Suyin Ting, and J.T. Sankey


Reviews: Books

Technical Books

Evolutionary quantitative genetics by Derek A. Roff

Reviewed by Paul David Polly

Mass extinctions and their aftermath by A. Hallam and P.B. Wignall

Reviewed by Adam Woods

Paleontological events: stratigraphical, ecological, and evolutionary implications edited by C.E. Brett and G.C. Baird

Reviewed by Walter Etter

Popular Books

The Pleistocene Redemption by Dan Gallagher

Reviewed by Martin Anderson