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Contents: Volume 2, Issue 1 - 15 March 1999

2smISSN 1094-8074

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Extinction and naticid predation of the bivalve Chione Von Mühlfeld in the late Neogene of Florida
PE 2.1.1A

Peter D. Roopnarine and Amy Beussink

Fusulinid succession from the Middle-Upper Carboniferous boundary beds on Spitsbergen, Arctic Norway 
PE 2.1.2A

Vladimir I. Davydov and Inger Nilsson

Laser confocal microscopy and geographic information systems in the study of dental morphology 
PE 2.1.3A

Jukka Jernvall and Lena Selänne
PE Note: An errata sheet was attached to the Methods section and to the PDF file.
15 March 1999.

The Thecamoebian bibliography 
PE 2.1.4A

F.S. Medioli, D.B. Scott, E. Collins, S. Asioli, and E.G. Reinhard

Paleontological databases: Taxonomic decisions

C.W. Stearn and R.T. Patterson, Chairs, GSA Annual Meeting Toronto, October 28, 1998

Conference Proceedings derived from Paleontological Society theme session T-39

Introduction: Easy access to doubtful taxonomic decisions 
PE 2.1.5A
[Paleontological Society Theme Session, Toronto, Oct. 28, 1998]

Colin W. Stearn

Taxonomy and the security of databases 
PE 2.1.6A

Roger L. Kaesler, Jill W. Krebs, and Douglas L. Miller

ADAPTS (Analysis of Diversity, Asymmetry of Phylogenetic Trees, and Survivorship): A new software tool for analysing stratigraphic range data
PE 2.1.7A

Alistair J. McGowan and Paul N. Pearson

Beyond the cutting edge, electronic publications the 21ST century
PE 2.1.8A

Jennifer Pattison Rumford and William R. Riedel

Tribute: H. Alleyne Nicholson -- A great Victorian paleontologist
PE 2.1.9A

Colin W. Stearn

Reviews: Books

Technical Books

The Crucible of Creation

by Simon Conway Morris
Reviewer: Stephen A. Leslie

Arthropod Fossils and Phylogeny

by Gregory D. Edgecombe
Reviewer: Jonathan Adrain

The Garden of Ediacara

by Mark A.S. McMenamin
Reviewer: Ben Waggoner

Fossil Art

by A. Seilacher
Reviewer: David J. Bottjer

Charles Doolittle Walcott, Paleontologist

by Ellis L. Yochelson
Reviewer: Loren H. Smith

The Cambrian Explosion and the Fossil Record

by Junyuan Chen, Yen-nien Cheng, and H.V. Iten, Editors
Reviewer: Lisa-ann Gershwin

Popular Books

Dinosaur Summer

by Greg Bear
Reviewer: Martin Anderson