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2015, Volume 18

Constraints on the timescale of animal evolutionary history
PE 18.1.1FC

Michael J. Benton, Philip C. J. Donoghue, Robert J. Asher, Matt Friedman, Thomas J. Near, and Jakob Vinther

Fossil calibration of Magnoliidae, an ancient lineage of angiosperm
PE 18.1.2FC

Julien Massoni, James Doyle, and Hervé Sauquet

Phylogenetically vetted and stratigraphically constrained fossil calibrations within Aves
PE 18.1.3FC

Daniel T. Ksepka and Julia A. Clarke

Sixteen vetted fossil calibrations for divergence dating of Charadriiformes (Aves, Neognathae
PE 18.1.4FC

N. Adam Smith

Four mammal fossil calibrations: balancing competing palaeontological and molecular considerations
PE 18.1.5FC

Matthew J. Phillips

Fossil calibration dates for molecular phylogenetic analysis of snakes 1: Serpentes, Alethinophidia, Boidae, Pythonidae
PE 18.1.6FC

Jason J. Head

Five well-supported fossil calibrations within the "Waterbird" assemblage (Tetrapoda, Aves)
PE 18.1.7FC

Nathan D. Smith and Daniel T. Ksepka

2016, Volume 19

How to date a dragonfly: Fossil calibrations for odonates
PE 19.1.1FC

Manpreet Kaur Kohli, Jessica L. Ware, and Günter Bechly

Fossil calibration dates for molecular phylogenetic analysis of snakes 2: Caenophidia, Colubroidea, Elapoidea, Colubridae
PE 19.2.2FC

Jason J. Head, Kristin Mahlow, and Johannes Müller


2017, Volume 20

Fossil calibrations for the cockroach phylogeny (Insecta, Dictyoptera, Blattodea), comments on the use of wings for their identification, and a redescription of the oldest Blaberidae
PE 20.3.1FC

Dominic A. Evangelista, Marie Djernæs, and Manpreet Kaur Kohli


2018, Volume 21

The earliest known occurrence of Elgaria (Squamata: Anguidae) and a minimum age for crown Gerrhonotinae: Fossils from the Split Rock Formation, Wyoming, USA
PE 21.1.1FC

Simon Scarpetta



2023, Volume 26

Twenty-five well-justified fossil calibrations for primate divergences
PE 26.1.8A

Dorien de Vries and Robin M.D. Beck