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Bathyal ostracods from the Santa Maria di Leuca deep–water coral province (northern Ionian Sea)
PE 18.2.22A

Francesco Sciuto and Antonietta Rosso

A new Oligo-Miocene dolphin from New Zealand: Otekaikea huata expands diversity of the early Platanistoidea
PE 18.2.23A

Yoshihiro Tanaka and R. Ewan Fordyce

A shelduck coracoid (Aves: Anseriformes: Tadorna) from the arid early Pleistocene of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China
PE 18.2.24A

Thomas A. Stidham, Xiaoming Wang, Qiang Li, and Xijun Ni

New material and evaluation of the chronostratigraphic position of Daphoenictis tedfordi (Mammalia, Carnivora, Amphicyonidae), a cat-like carnivoran from the latest Eocene of northwestern Nebraska, USA
PE 18.2.25A

Grant S. Boardman and Robert M. Hunt, Jr.

Burrowing and mud-mound building life habits of fiddler crab Uca lactea in the Bay of Bengal coast, India and their geological and geotechnical importance
PE 18.2.26A

Chandreyee De

Fossil Mysticeti from the Pleistocene of Santa Maria Island, Azores (Northeast Atlantic Ocean), and the prevalence of fossil cetaceans on oceanic islands
PE 18.2.27A

Sérgio P. Ávila, Ricardo Cordeiro, Ana R. Rodrigues, Ana C. Rebelo, Carlos Melo, Patricia Madeira, and Nicholas D. Pyenson

Exceptional crocodylomorph biodiversity of "La Cantalera" site (lower Barremian; Lower Cretaceous) in Teruel, Spain
PE 18.2.28A

Eduardo Puértolas-Pascual, Raquel Rabal-Garcés, and José Ignacio Canudo

The first plesiosaurian (Sauropterygia, Pliosauridae) remains described from the Jurassic of Poland
PE 18.2.29A

Dean R. Lomax
PE note: Addendum

Small hyotheriine suids (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) from the late early Miocene of Turkey and a short overview of early Miocene small suoids in the Old World
PE 18.2.30A

Maëva J. Orliac, Levent Karadenizli, Pierre-Olivier Antoine, and Sevket Sen

Dinosaur tracks from the Langenberg Quarry (Late Jurassic, Germany) reconstructed with historical photogrammetry: Evidence for large theropods soon after insular dwarfism
PE 18.2.31A

Jens N. Lallensack, P. Martin Sander, Nils Knötschke, and Oliver Wings

The first fossil skull of Chelus (Pleurodira: Chelidae, Matamata turtle) from the early Miocene of Colombia
PE 18.2.32A

Edwin A. Cadena and Carlos A. Jaramillo

New representative of the family Panorpodidae (Insecta, Mecoptera) from Eocene Baltic Amber with a key to fossil species of genus Panorpodes
PE 18.2.33A

Agnieszka Soszyńska-Maj and Wiesław Krzemiński

First description of in situ primate and faunal remains from the Plio-Pleistocene Drimolen Makondo palaeocave infill, Gauteng, South Africa
PE 18.2.34A

Douglass S. Rovinsky, Andy I.R. Herries, Colin G. Menter, and Justin W. Adams

Osteohistology of the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation ornithuromorph (Aves) Iteravis huchzermeyeri
PE 18.2.35A

Jingmai K. O'Connor, Min Wang, Shuang Zhou, and Zhonghe Zhou

An assemblage of lizards from the Early Cretaceous of Japan
PE 18.2.36A

Susan E. Evans and Ryoko Matsumoto

The cranial anatomy of Tenontosaurus tilletti Ostrom, 1970 (Dinosauria, Ornithopoda)
PE 18.2.37A

D. Andrew Thomas

Neogene benthic foraminifera from the southern Bering Sea (IODP Expedition 323)
PE 18.2.38A

Eiichi Setoyama and Michael A. Kaminski

Paleocene fishes from Palenque, Chiapas, southeastern Mexico
PE 18.2.39A

Jesús Alvarado-Ortega, Martha Cuevas-García, María del Pilar Melgarejo-Damián, Kleyton Magno Cantalice, Abril Alaniz-Galvan, Gisel Solano-Templos, and Bruno Andrés Than-Marchese

Findings of Daphnia (Ctenodaphnia) Dybowski et Grochowski (Branchiopoda: Cladocera) in Cenozoic volcanogenic lakes in Germany, with discussion of their indicator value
PE 18.2.40A

Alexey A. Kotov and Torsten Wappler

A new Miocene deep-sea chiton and early evidence for Teredinidae-sustained wood-fall communities
PE 18.2.41A

Luca Bertolaso, Vittorio Garilli, Daniela Parrinello, Maurizio Sosso, and Bruno Dell'Angelo

Talpa fossilis or Talpa europaea? Using geometric morphometrics and allometric trajectories of humeral moles remains from Hungary to answer a taxonomic debate
PE 18.2.42A

Gabriele Sansalone, Tassos Kotsakis, and Paolo Piras

Neoichnology of the eastern spadefoot toad, Scaphiopus holbrookii (Anura: Scaphiopodidae): criteria for recognizing anuran burrows in the fossil record
PE 18.2.43A

Lauren M. Johnson and Daniel I. Hembree

Articulated bone sets of manus and pedes of Camarasaurus (Sauropoda, Dinosauria)
PE 18.2.44A

Emanuel Tschopp, Oliver Wings, Thomas Frauenfelder, and Winand Brinkmann

 Technical Articles

Challenges encountered during acid resin transfer preparation of fossil fish from Monte Bolca, Italy
PE 18.2.4T

Mark Graham and Lu Allington-Jones

Coupling finite element analysis and multibody system dynamics for biological research
PE 18.2.5T

Jordi Marcé-Nogué, Adam Kłodowski, Montserrat Sánchez, and Lluís Gil

A novel application of the white light/fringe projection duo: recovering high precision three-dimensional images from fossils for the digital preservation of morphology
PE 18.2.6T

Juan C. Gutiérrez-García, Tania A. Gutiérrez-García, J.F. Mosiño, Ella Vázquez-Domínguez, Amalia Martínez, and Joaquín Arroyo-Cabrales



Palaeontologia Electronica in an increasingly open-access world
PE 18.2.2E

Julien Louys

The Digital Atlas of Ancient Life: delivering information on paleontology and biogeography via the web
PE 18.2.3E

Jonathan R. Hendricks, Alycia L. Stigall, and Bruce S. Lieberman