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Evidence for unusual size dimorphism in a fossil ailurid
PE 18.3.45A

Ethan L. Fulwood and Steven C. Wallace

Conicocassis, a new genus of Arcellacea (testate lobose amoebae)
PE 18.3.46A

Nawaf A. Nasser and R. Timothy Patterson

New plant fossil records and paleoclimate analyses of the late Pliocene Citronelle Formation flora, U.S. Gulf Coast
PE 18.3.47A

Debra Z. Stults and Brian Axsmith

An outline of the European Quaternary localities with freshwater gastropods: Data on geography and updated stratigraphy
PE 18.3.48A

Elisavet Georgopoulou, Thomas A. Neubauer, Andreas Kroh, Mathias Harzhauser, and Oleg Mandic

Elongated theropod tracks from the Cretaceous Apenninic Carbonate Platform of southern Latium (central Italy)
PE 18.3.49A

Paolo Citton, Umberto Nicosia, Iacopo Nicolosi, Roberto Carluccio, and Marco Romano

Reappraisal of the primitive crab Eodromites, with description of three new species from European localities (Decapoda: Brachyura: Goniodromitidae)
PE 18.3.50A

Natalia Starzyk

Two new and disparate fossil bee flies (Bombyliidae: Anthracinae) from the Americas and reassessment of Anthrax dentoni Lewis, 1969
PE 18.3.51A

Dale E. Greenwalt, Jonathan G. Wingerath, and Neal L. Evenhuis

A new member of the family Plotopteridae (Aves) from the late Oligocene of British Columbia, Canada
PE 18.3.52A

Gary Kaiser, Junya Watanabe, and Marji Johns

Late Jurassic jaw bones of Halecomorph fish (Actinopterygii: Halecomorphi) studied with X-ray microcomputed tomography
PE 18.3.53A

Błażej Błażejowski, Paul Lambers, Piotr Gieszcz, Daniel Tyborowski, and Marcin Binkowski

Application of shell spiral deviation methodology to fossil brachiopods: Implications for obtaining specimen ontogenetic ages
PE 18.3.54A

Joanna V. Clark, Anthony E. Aldridge, Matías Reolid, Kazuyoshi Endo, and Alberto Pérez-Huerta

Technical Articles 

A simulation-based examination of residual diversity estimates as a method of correcting for sampling bias
PE 18.3.7T

Neil Brocklehurst


The database: concept and status
PE 18.3.4E

Michael Hesemann 


PE 18.3.1R

Book reviewed by Victoria M. Arbour

Amphibian Evolution: The Life of Early Land Vertebrates
PE 18.3.2R

Book reviewed by Neil Brocklehurst