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Contents: Volume 2, Issue 2 - 22 October 1999

1999 2sISSN 1094-8074

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Editorials and Letters

Things that change and things that stay the same
PE 2.2.3E

Norm MacLeod and Tim Patterson
PE Executive Editors

Creationism versus evolution: From bad to worse! 
PE 2.2.4E

Jere Lipps

Our readers write to us


Original shell colouration in Late Pleistocene terebratulid Brachiopods from New Zealand
PE 2.2.10A

Gordon B. Curry

Evolutionary modelling from family diversity
PE 2.2.11A

Michael C. Boulter and Dilshat Hewzulla

Thermophysiology and biology of Giganotosaurus: Comparison with Tyrannosaurus
PE 2.2.12A

Reese E. Barrick and William J. Showers

The Cenozoic deep sea microfossil record: Explorations of the DSDP/ODP sample set using the Neptune Database 
PE 2.2.13A

Cinzia Spencer-Cervato

Pareto analysis of paleontological data: A new method of weighing variable importance
PE 2.2.14A

Robert E.A. Boudreau, George Carmody and James J. Cheetham

Technical Books

The Horned Dinosaurs
by Peter Dodson

Reviewer: Robert Holmes

Dinosaur Impressions
by Philippe Taquet

Reviewer: Peter Dodson

The Fossil Record of the Hunsrück Slate: Marine Life in the Devonian
by Christoph Bartels, Derek E. G. Briggs, Günther Brassel

Reviewer: Sarah Gabbott

Paleoecology: Ecosystems, Environments, and Evolution
by Patrick J. Brenchley and David A.T. Harper

Reviewer: Kim Freedmen

The Last Dinosaur Book
by W.J.T. Mitchell

Reviewer: Reese Barrick

Popular Books

Bone Wars and Two Tiny Claws
by Brett Davis

Reviewer: Ben Waggoner