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Early Cretaceous angiosperm leaves from the Dakota Formation, Hoisington III locality, Kansas, USA
PE 21.3.34

Hongshan Wang and David L. Dilcher

Paleoparasitology in Russia, history and prospects
PE 21.3.35

Natalia V. Serdyuk

Drilling predation traces on recent limpets from northern Patagonia, Argentina
PE 21.3.36

Fernando M. Archuby and Sandra Gordillo

The use of aerial and close-range photogrammetry in the study of dinosaur tracksites: Lower Cretaceous (upper Aptian/lower Albian) Molfetta ichnosite (Apulia, southern Italy)
PE 21.3.3T

Fabio Massimo Petti, Marco Petruzzelli, Jacopo Conti, Luigi Spalluto, Alexander Wagensommer, Massimiliano Lamendola, Roberto Francioso, Giovanni Montrone, Luisa Sabato, and Marcello Tropeano

New omomyoids (Euprimates, Mammalia) from the late Uintan of southern California, USA, and the question of the extinction of the Paromomyidae (Plesiadapiformes, Primates)
PE 21.3.37

Sergi López-Torres, Mary T. Silcox, and Patricia A. Holroyd