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New records of Bjuvia and Nilssonia from the Permian of Mexico
PE 24.3.28

Miguel Angel Flores-Barragan and María Patricia Velasco-de Leon 

Geometric morphometrics in ammonoids based on virtual modelling
PE 24.3.29

Daniel A. Morón-Alfonso, René Hoffmann, and Marcela Cichowolski

Taxonomic utility of Early Cretaceous Australian plesiosaurian vertebrae
PE 24.3.30

Vikram Vakil, Gregory Webb, and Alex Cook

Late Cretaceous Elopomorpha (Actinopterygii: Teleostei) from the Mahajanga Basin of Madagascar and impacts on paleobiogeography
PE 24.3.31

Summer A. Ostrowski

Tooth enamel microstructure in North American Phytosauria (Diapsida:Archosauriformes): Implications for biogeography and ecology of a Late Triassic clade of crocodylian-like predators
PE 24.3.32

Devin K. Hoffman, Jess A. Miller-Camp, and Andrew B. Heckert

Skull osteology of Aetosauroides scagliai Casamiquela, 1960 (Archosauria: Aetosauria) from the Late Triassic of Brazil: New insights into the paleobiology of aetosaurs 
PE 24.3.33

Voltaire Dutra Paes Neto, Julia Brenda Desojo, Ana Carolina Biacchi Brust, Ana Maria Ribeiro, Cesar Leandro Schultz, and Marina Bento Soares

Ammonoids and their biozonation across the Santonian-Campanian boundary in north-eastern Coahuila, Mexico
PE 24.3.34

Christina Ifrim and Wolfgang Stinnesbeck 

Eocene (Duchesnean and earliest Chadronian) brontotheres (Brontotheriidae), Protitanops curryi and cf. Parvicornus occidentalis, from west Texas and Mexico
PE 24.3.35

Matthew C. Mihlbachler and Donald R. Prothero

Revisiting horseshoe crab fossils from the Middle Triassic (Anisian) Strelovec Formation Konservat-Lagerstätte of Slovenia 
PE 24.3.36

Russell D. C. Bicknell, Jure Žalohar, Primož Miklavc, Bogomir Celarc, Matija Križnar, and Tomaž Hitij

The axial skeleton of Bagualia alba (Dinosauria: Eusauropoda) from the Early Jurassic of Patagonia
PE 24.3.37

Kevin Leonel Gomez, Jose Luis Carballido, and Diego Pol



Opossums: An Adaptive Radiation of New World Marsupials
PE 24.3.1R

Review by Robin M. D. Beck