The Volhynian (late Middle Miocene) marine fishes and mammals as proxies for the onset of the Eastern Paratethys re-colonisation by vertebrate fauna
PE 23(3):a43

Pavel Gol’din, Bogdan Stelian Haiduc, Oleksandr Kovalchuk, Marcin Górka, Pavlo Otryazhyi, Mihai Brânzilă, Elena Ionela Păun, Zoltán Barkaszi, Paul Ţibuleac, and Bogdan Gabriel Răţoi

A review of “pyrite disease” for paleontologists, with potential focused interventions
PE 23(3):a44

R. Chris Tacker

Endemism and migration in the Kochkor Basin? Identification and description of Adcrocuta eximia (Mammalia: Carnivora: Hyaenidae) and c.f. Paramachaerodus (Mammalia: Carnivora: Felidae) fossils at the Miocene locality of Ortok, Kyrgyzstan
PE 23(3):a45

Sophie A. Miller, Paul Z. Barrett, Win N.F. McLaughlin, and Samantha S.B. Hopkins

Geometric morphometric analysis of Protoconites minor from the Cambrian (Terreneuvian) Yanjiahe Formation in Three Gorges, South China
PE 23(3):a46

Junfeng Guo, Yanlong Chen, Zuchen Song, Zhifei Zhang, Yaqin Qiang, Marissa J. Betts, Yajuan Zheng, and Xiaoyong Yao

First fossil manatees in Texas: Trichechus manatus bakerorum in the Pleistocene fauna from beach deposits along the Texas Coast of the Gulf of Mexico
PE 23(3):a47

Christopher J. Bell, William Godwin, Kelsey M. Jenkins, and Patrick J. Lewis

Histology of spinosaurid dinosaur teeth from the Albian-Cenomanian of Morocco: Implications for tooth replacement and ecology
PE 23(3):a48

Nicola S. Heckeberg and Oliver W. M. Rauhut



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