Paleoclimate and paleoecology of the Upper Oligocene Tehuacán Formation, Puebla State, Mexico, as determined from wood anatomical characters
PE 24(2):a17

Marco A. Rubalcava-Knoth and Sergio R.S. Cevallos-Ferriz

Modern vegetation proxies reflect Palaeogene and Neogene vegetation evolution and climate change in Europe, Turkey, and Armenia
PE 24(2):a18

Johanna Kovar-Eder, Petr Mazouch, Vasilis Teodoridis, Anita Roth-Nebelsick, Christopher Traiser, and Janina Wypich

A megatoothed shark (Carcharocles angustidens) nursery in the Oligocene Charleston Embayment, South Carolina, USA
PE 24(2):a19

Addison E. Miller, Matthew L. Gibson, and Robert W. Boessenecker

Palaeoecology and sea level changes: Decline of mammal species richness during late Quaternary island formation in the Montebello Islands, north-western Australia
PE 24(2):a20

Cassia J. Piper and Peter M. Veth

A large, pathological skeleton of Smilosuchus gregorii (Archosauriformes: Phytosauria) from the Upper Triassic of Arizona, U.S.A., with discussion of the paleobiological implications of paleopathology in fossil archosauromorphs
PE 24(2):a21

Andrew B. Heckert, Tabitha C. Viner, and Matthew T. Carrano

Non-traditional applications of fire in fossil preparation
PE 24(2):a22

Matthew A. Brown and Casey M. Holliday

The inner morphology of the petrosal bone of the endemic elephant of Tilos Island, Greece
PE 24(2):a23

Dionysia E. Liakopoulou, George E. Theodorou, and Anneke H. van Heteren 

A new species of Cricosaurus (Thalattosuchia, Metriorhynchidae) based upon a remarkably well-preserved skeleton from the Upper Jurassic of Germany
PE 24(2):a24

Sven Sachs, Mark T. Young, Pascal Abel, and Heinrich Mallison

The integument of pelagic crocodylomorphs (Thalattosuchia: Metriorhynchidae)
PE 24(2):a25

Frederik Spindler, René Lauer, Helmut Tischlinger, and Matthias Mäuser



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