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Big-headed marine crocodyliforms and why we must be cautious when using extant species as body length proxies for long-extinct relatives
PE 19.3.30

Mark T. Young, Márton Rabi, Mark A. Bell, Davide Foffa, Lorna Steel, Sven Sachs, and Karin Peyer

Biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in Fushun amber reveal further biotic links between Asia and Europe during the Eocene
PE 19.3.31

Frauke Stebner, Ryszard Szadziewski, and Bo Wang

Patterns of diet and body mass of large ungulates from the Pleistocene of Western Europe, and their relation to vegetation
PE 19.3.32

Juha Saarinen, Jussi Eronen, Mikael Fortelius, Heikki Seppä, and Adrian M. Lister

First fossil of Cylindrostethinae (Heteroptera: Gerromorpha: Gerridae) in the Paleocene of Menat, France
PE 19.3.33

Viktor Hartung, Romain Garrouste, Jean-Marc Pouillon, and André Nel

Late Cenozoic catfishes of Southeastern Europe with inference to their taxonomy and palaeogeography
PE 19.3.34

Oleksandr Kovalchuk and Carl J. Ferraris

New dragonflies and damselflies from Middle Miocene deposits in SW Bulgaria (Insecta: Odonata)
PE 19.3.35

Andre Nel, Nikolay Simov, Vladimir Bozukov, and Milen Marinov

A night heron (Ciconiiformes, Ardeidae) and a stork (Ciconiidae) from the Pliocene of Myanmar (Burma)
PE 19.3.36

Thomas A. Stidham, Takehisa Tsubamoto, Zin-Maung-Maung-Thein, Thaung-Htike, Naoko Egi, Yuichiro Nishioka, Maung-Maung, and Masanaru Takai

Oligocene ruminants from the Kızılırmak Formation, Çankırı-Çorum Basin, Central Anatolia, Turkey
PE 19.3.37A

Grégoire Métais, Ebru Albayrak, Pierre-Olivier Antoine, Ozan Erdal, Levent Karadenizli, Neşe Oyal, Gerçek Saraç, Yeşim Büyükmeriç, and Sevket Sen

Deciduous dentition and dental eruption sequence of Bothriogenys fraasi (Anthracotheriidae, Artiodactyla) from the Fayum Depression, Egypt
PE 19.3.38A

Hesham M. Sallam, Afifi H. Sileem, Ellen R. Miller, and Gregg F. Gunnell

Graphic correlation of the upper Eifelian to lower Frasnian (Middle-Upper Devonian) conodont sequences in the Spanish Central Pyrenees and comparison with composite standards from other areas
PE 19.3.39A

S. Gouwy, J.-C. Liao, and J.I. Valenzuela-Ríos

Ephippia belonging to Ceriodaphnia Dana, 1853 (Cladocera: Anomopoda: Daphniidae) from the Lower Cretaceous of Australia
PE 19.3.40A

Thomas A. Hegna and Alexey A. Kotov

New fossils of Hyaenodonta (Mammalia) from the Eocene localities of Chambi (Tunisia) and Bir el Ater (Algeria), and the evolution of the earliest African hyaenodonts
PE 19.3.41A

Floréal Solé, El Mabrouk Essid, Wissem Marzougui, Rim Temani, Hayet Khayati Ammar, Mhammed Mahboubi, Laurent Marivaux, Monique Vianey-Liaud, and Rodolphe Tabuce

Non-linear ontogenetic shape change in Cryptolithus tesselatus (Trilobita) using three-dimensional geometric morphometrics
PE 19.3.42A

Melanie J. Hopkins and J. Kirk Pearson

New palynological evidence for the age of the Beda Formation, Sirte Basin, Libya
PE 19.3.43A

Arun Kumar

First report of Quaternary mammals from the Qalehjough area, Lut Desert, Eastern Iran
PE 19.3.44A

Narges Hashemi, Alireza Ashouri, Mansour Aliabadian, Mohammad Hossien M. Gharaie, Antonio Sánchez Marco, and Julien Louys

Three new species of the genus Tanidromites (Decapoda: Brachyura: Tanidromitidae) from the Late Jurassic (Oxfordian) of Poland
PE 19.3.45A

Natalia Starzyk

Non-destructive analysis of in situ ammonoid jaws by synchrotron radiation X-ray micro-computed tomography
PE 19.3.46A

Yusuke Takeda, Kazushige Tanabe, Takenori Sasaki, Kentaro Uesugi, and Masato Hoshino

Pteropoda (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Thecosomata) from the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (United States Atlantic Coastal Plain)
PE 19.3.47A

Arie W. Janssen, Jocelyn A. Sessa, and Ellen Thomas

The late Miocene caimanine fauna (Crocodylia: Alligatoroidea) of the Urumaco Formation, Venezuela
PE 19.3.48A

Torsten M. Scheyer and Massimo Delfino

A new skull of the fossil porpoise Numataphocoena yamashitai (Cetacea: Phocoenidae) from the upper part of the Horokaoshirarika Formation (lower Pliocene), Numata Town, Hokkaido, Japan, and its phylogenetic position
PE 19.3.49A

Yoshihiro Tanaka and Hiroto Ichishima

First comprehensive morphological analysis on the metapodials of Giraffidae
PE 19.3.50A

María Ríos, Melinda Danowitz, and Nikos Solounias

Fruits, seeds and flowers from the Bovay and Bolden clay pits (early Eocene Tallahatta Formation, Claiborne Group), northern Mississippi, USA
PE 19.3.51A

Jane Blanchard, Hongshan Wang, and David L. Dilcher

Evolutionary convergence in conodonts revealed by Synchrotron-based Tomographic Microscopy
PE 19.3.52A

Michele Mazza and Carlos Martínez-Pérez

Eekaulostomus cuevasae gen. and sp. nov., an ancient armored trumpetfish (Aulostomoidea) from Danian (Paleocene) marine deposits of Belisario Domínguez, Chiapas, southeastern Mexico
PE 19.3.53A

Kleyton Magno Cantalice and Jesús Alvarado-Ortega

Condylura (Mammalia, Talpidae) reloaded: New insights about the fossil representatives of the genus
PE 19.3.54A

Gabriele Sansalone, Tassos Kotsakis, and Paolo Piras

The first fossil New World Dixidae with a critical discussion of generic definitions
PE 19.3.55A

Dale E. Greenwalt and John K. Moulton

Nannotanyderinae: a new subfamily of Tanyderidae (Diptera)
PE 19.3.56A

Kornelia Skibińska

Technical Articles

Picking up the pieces: the digital reconstruction of a destroyed holotype from its serial section drawings
PE 19.3.3T

Julien Benoit and Sandra C. Jasinoski

Digitization workflows for paleontology collections
E 19.3.4T

Talia S. Karim, Roger Burkhalter, Úna C. Farrell, Ann Molineux, Gil Nelson, Jessica Utrup, and Susan H. Butts

Multispectral and colour imaging systems for the detection of small vertebrate fossils: A preliminary study
PE 19.3.5T

Xana Delpueyo, Meritxell Vilaseca, Marc Furió, Francisco J. Burgos-Fernández, and Jaume Pujol