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Partial skull and endocranial cast of the ankylosaurian dinosaur Hungarosaurus from the Late Cretaceous of Hungary: implications for locomotion
PE 17.1.1A

Attila Ősi, Xabier Pereda Suberbiola, and Tamás Földes

The Devonian placoderm fish Bothriolepis canadensis revisited with three-dimensional digital imagery 
PE 17.1.2A

Isabelle Béchard, Félix Arsenault, Richard Cloutier, and Johanne Kerr

The Polish sub-fossil chironomids
PE 17.1.3A

Isabelle Larocque-Tobler

The last Iberian gomphothere (Mammalia, Proboscidea): Anancus arvernensis mencalensis nov. ssp. from the earliest Pleistocene of the Guadix Basin (Granada, Spain)
PE 17.1.4A

Guiomar Garrido and Alfonso Arribas

Determining the ontogenetic variation of lower cheek teeth occlusal surface patterns in lagomorphs using micro-ct technology
PE 17.1.5A

Chiara Angelone, Julia A. Schultz, and Margarita A. Erbajeva

A complete passerine foot from the late Oligocene of Poland
PE 17.1.6A

Zbigniew M. Bochenski, Teresa Tomek, and Ewa Swidnicka

A description of small gomphotheriid (Mammalia, Proboscidea) manuses from the earliest Pleistocene 111 Ranch Beds, southeast Arizona, USA
PE 17.1.7A

Michael R. Pasenko

Artificially evolved functional shell morphology of burrowing bivalves
PE 17.1.8A

Daniel P. Germann, Wolfgang Schatz, and Peter Eggenberger Hotz

Wavelet analysis of ammonoid sutures
PE 17.1.9A

Takao Ubukata, Kazushige Tanabe, Yasunari Shigeta, Haruyoshi Maeda, and Royal H. Mapes

Conodont biostratigraphy, paleoecology, and taphonomy of the Second Creek Bed and Wolcott Furnace Hematite (Clinton Group) in West Central New York State
PE 17.1.10A

Nicholas B. Sullivan, Mark A. Kleffner, and Carlton E. Brett

A revision of Heritschioides Yabe, 1950 (Anthozoa, Rugosa), latest Mississippian and earliest Pennsylvanian of western North America
PE 17.1.11A

Jerzy Fedorowski, E. Wayne Bamber, and Calvin H. Stevens

Motion range of the manus of Plateosaurus engelhardti von Meyer, 1837
PE 17.1.12A

Stefan Reiss and Heinrich Mallison

The gastralial apparatus of Plateosaurus engelhardti: morphological description and soft-tissue reconstruction
PE 17.1.13A

Regina Fechner and Rainer Gößling

The earliest occurrence and remarkable stasis of the family Bostrichidae (Coleoptera: Polyphaga) in Cretaceous Charentes amber
PE 17.1.14A

David Peris, Xavier Delclòs, Carmen Soriano, and Vincent Perrichot

Paleoneurology of Teyumbaita sulcognathus (Diapsida: Archosauromorpha) and the sense of smell in rhynchosaurs
PE 17.1.15A

Marcos A.F. Sales and Cesar L. Schultz

Additions to the latest Paleocene Buckman Hollow local fauna, Chappo Member of the Wasatch Formation, Lincoln County, southwestern Wyoming
PE 17.1.16A

Patricia A. Holroyd and Brian D. Rankin

Cranial morphometrics of the dire wolf, Canis dirus, at Rancho La Brea: temporal variability and its links to nutrient stress and climate
PE 17.1.17A

F. Robin O'Keefe, Wendy J. Binder, Stephen R. Frost, Rudyard W. Sadlier, and Blaire Van Valkenburgh

Neoichnology of two spirobolid millipedes: improving the understanding of the burrows of soil detritivores
PE 17.1.18A

Jared J. Bowen and Daniel I. Hembree

Geographic Information Systems technology as a morphometric tool for quantifying morphological variation in an ammonoid clade
PE 17.1.19A

Mathew J. Knauss and Margaret M. Yacobucci

Revision of basal macropodids from the Riversleigh World Heritage Area with descriptions of new material of Ganguroo bilamina Cooke, 1997 and a new species
PE 17.1.20A

K.J. Travouillon, B.N. Cooke, M. Archer, and S.J. Hand


Commentaries and Reviews

The greatest challenge to 21st century paleontology: When commercialization of fossils threatens the science
PE 17.1.1E

Kenshu Shimada, Philip J. Currie, Eric Scott, and Stuart S. Sumida

The benefits of commercial fossil sales to 21st-century paleontology
PE 17.1.2E

Peter L. Larson and Donna Russell

 Saved in time: The fight to establish florissant fossil beds National Monument, Colorado PE 17.1.1R

Book reviewed by Ted Fremd