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Surfin’ endocasts: The good and the bad on brain form
PE 21.1.1A

Emiliano Bruner and Naomichi Ogihara

Miminipossum notioplanetes, a Miocene forest-dwelling phalangeridan (Marsupialia; Diprotodontia) from northern and central Australia
PE 21.1.2A

Michael Archer, Pippa Binfield, Suzanne J. Hand, Karen H. Black, Phillip Creaser, Troy J. Myers, Anna K. Gillespie, Derrick A. Arena, John Scanlon, Neville Pledge, and Jenni Thurmer

Computational biomes: The ecometrics of large mammal teeth
PE 21.1.3A

Esther Galbrun, Hui Tang, Mikael Fortelius, and Indrė Žliobaitė

Intergrowth of Orbignyella germana Bassler, 1911 (Bryozoa) and Lambelasma carinatum Weyer, 1993 (Rugosa) in the pelmatozoan-bryozoan-receptaculitid reefs from the Late Ordovician of Estonia
PE 21.1.4A

Olev Vinn, Ursula Toom, and Andrej Ernst 

The biogeography and ecology of the Cretaceous non-avian dinosaurs of Appalachia
PE 21.1.5A

Chase D. Brownstein 

New handsome fungus beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinelloidea: Anamorphidae, Endomychidae) from European amber of the Upper Eocene
PE 21.1.6A

Vitalii I. Alekseev and Wioletta Tomaszewska

A new group of late Oligocene mysticetes from México
PE 21.1.7A

Atzcalli Ehécatl Hernández Cisneros

Revision of Oligo-Miocene kangaroos, Ganawamaya and Nambaroo (Marsupialia: Macropodiformes, Balbaridae)
PE 21.1.8A

Kaylene Butler, Kenny J. Travouillon, Gilbert J. Price, Michael Archer, and Suzanne J. Hand

Uniformity in variety: Antler morphology and evolution in a predator-free environment
PE 21.1.9A

Alexandra A.E. van der Geer

New Miocene Carnivora (Mammalia) from Moruorot and Kalodirr, Kenya
PE 21.1.10A

Brent Adrian, Lars Werdelin, and Aryeh Grossman

The early Pleistocene whale-fall community of Bargiano (Umbria, Central Italy): Paleoecological insights from benthic foraminifera and brachyuran crabs
PE 21.1.11A

Angela Baldanza, Roberto Bizzarri, Federico Famiani, Alessandro Garassino, Giovanni Pasini, Marco Cherin, and Francesco Rosatini

New reports of Paratethyan ostracods affinity from the Mediterranean Basin (Sicily, Italy)
PE 21.1.12A

Francesco Sciuto, Angela Baldanza, Rim Temani, and Giovanni Privitera

Evidence for survival in a Middle Jurassic plesiosaur with a humeral pathology: What can we infer of plesiosaur behaviour?
PE 21.1.13A

Bruce M. Rothschild, Neil D.L. Clark, and Clare M. Clark 

Quantifying the living fossil concept
PE 21.1.14A

Dominic J. Bennett, Mark D. Sutton, and Samuel T. Turvey

New proboscidean fossils from Middle Siwaliks of Haritalyangar area, Himachal Pradesh, India
PE 21.1.15A

Anek R. Sankhyan and Olivier Chavasseau


Technical Articles

MORPHYLL: A database of fossil leaves and their morphological traits
PE 21.1.1T

Christopher Traiser, Anita Roth-Nebelsick, Michaela Grein, Johanna Kovar-Eder, Lutz Kunzmann, Karolin Moraweck, Jörg Lange,Jiří Kvaček, Christoph Neinhuis, Annelise Folie, Dario De Franceschi, Andreas Kroh, Cyrille Prestianni, Markus Poschmann, and Michael Wuttke


Fossil Calibration Article

The earliest known occurrence of Elgaria (Squamata: Anguidae) and a minimum age for crown Gerrhonotinae: Fossils from the Split Rock Formation, Wyoming, USA
PE 21.1.1FC

Simon Scarpetta


Commentaries and Reviews

Topics in Paleobiology: Cetacean Paleobiology
PE 21.1.1R

Review by Ashley W. Poust

Terrestrial Conservation Lagerstätten: Windows in the evolution of Life on Land
PE 21.1.2R

Review by Alexander K. Hastings