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The first fossil Aristolochia (Aristolochiaceae, Piperales) leaves from Austria
PE 17.2.21A

Barbara Meller

Endocranial morphology of the extinct Antillean shrew Nesophontes (Lipotyphla: Nesophontidae) from natural and digital endocasts of Cuban taxa
PE 17.2.22A

Johanset Orihuela

Healed antler fracture from a giant deer (Megaloceros giganteus) from the Pleistocene in Poland
PE 17.2.23A

Pawłowska Kamilla, Stefaniak Krzysztof, and Nowakowski Dariusz

Late Jurassic marine vertebrates from Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca State, southern Mexico
PE 17.2.24A

Jesús Alvarado-Ortega, Jair Israel Barrientos-Lara, Luis Espinosa-Arrubarrena, and María del Pilar Melgarejo-Damián

Cranial morphology of the Oligocene beaver Capacikala gradatus from the John Day Basin and comments on the genus
PE 17.2.25A

Clara Stefen

Review of the Pliocene and Pleistocene Talpidae (Soricomorpha, Mammalia) of Poland
PE 17.2.26A

Barbara Rzebik-Kowalska

The Miocene climate in New Zealand: Estimates from paleobotanical data
PE 17.2.27A

Mike Pole

Mediolus, a new genus of Arcellacea (Testate Lobose Amoebae)
PE 17.2.28A

R. Timothy Patterson

Ambergris cololites of Pleistocene sperm whales from central Italy and description of the new ichnogenus and ichnospecies Ambergrisichnus alleronae
PE 17.2.29A

Paolo Monaco, Angela Baldanza, Roberto Bizzarri, Federico Famiani, Marco Lezzerini, and Francesco Sciuto

Late Paleocene examples of residual coloration and embryonic features in juvenile marine mollusks from Northwest Louisiana
PE 17.2.30A

Lloyd N. Glawe, John F. Anderson, and Dennis E. Bell

Longest crab trackways from the Bay of Bengal Coast, India: their geological and geotechnical applications
PE 17.2.31A

Chirananda De


Commentaries and Reviews

Contributions by amateur paleontologists in 21st century paleontology
PE 17.2.3E

John A. Catalani

IN MEMORIAM: Dr. Franco Medioli, April 1, 1935 – January 31, 2014
PE 17.4E

As remembered by R. Tim Patterson