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A Miocene cetacean vertebra showing a partially healed longitudinal shear-compression fracture, possibly the result of domoic acid toxicity or failed predation
PE 25.3.28

Stephen J. Godfrey and Brian L. Beatty

New Neogene anourosoricin shrews from northern Asia
PE 25.3.29

Vladimir S. Zazhigin and Leonid L. Voyta

Phylogeny of iguanodontian dinosaurs and the evolution of quadrupedality
PE 25.3.30

Karen E. Poole

Diverse endobiotic symbiont fauna from the late Katian (Late Ordovician) of Estonia
PE 25.3.31

Olev Vinn, Mark A. Wilson, Lars E. Holmer, Andrej Ernst, Oive Tinn, and Ursula Toom

Pinniped (Mammalia: Carnivora) fossils from Black Rock, a new late Neogene vertebrate locality in Victoria, Australia
PE 25.3.32

James P. Rule and Erich M.G. Fitzgerald 


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