A faunivorous early sphenacodontian synapsid with a diastema
PE 23(1):a01

Frederik Spindler

Early Pleistocene freshwater fishes of Copăceni (Dacian Basin, southern Romania)
PE 23(1):a02

Ştefan Vasile, Oleksandr Kovalchuk, Alexandru Petculescu, and Márton Venczel

What are the best modern analogs for ancient South American mammal communities? Evidence from ecological diversity analysis (EDA)
PE 23(1):a03

Angeline M. Catena and Darin A. Croft

Anatomy, taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships of Prestosuchus chiniquensis (Archosauria: Pseudosuchia) from the original collection of von Huene, Middle-Late Triassic of southern Brazil
PE 23(1):a04

Julia Brenda Desojo, María Belén von Baczko, and Oliver W.M. Rauhut 

Redescription and phylogenetic placement of the Cretaceous wasp Parviformosus wohlrabeae (Hymenoptera: Proctotrupomorpha)
PE 23(1):a05

Michael Haas, Roger A. Burks, Petr Janšta, and Lars Krogmann

Geochronology of the middle Eocene Purple Bench Locality (Devil’s Graveyard Formation), Trans-Pecos Texas, USA
PE 23(1):a06

Amy L. Atwater, Kelly D. Thomson, E. Christopher Kirk, Meaghan Emery-Wetherell, Logan Wetherell, and Daniel F. Stockli

Testing the impact of two key scan parameters on the quality and repeatability of measurements from CT scan data
PE 23(1):a07

Rosie L. Oakes, Morgan Hill Chase, Mark E. Siddall, and Jocelyn A. Sessa 

A new early occurrence of Cervidae in North America from the Miocene-Pliocene Ellensburg Formation in Washington, USA
PE 23(1):a08

Meaghan M. Emery-Wetherell and Joseph F. Schilter

An unusual new genus of istiodactylid pterosaur from China based on a near complete specimen
PE 23(1):a09

David W. E. Hone, Adam J. Fitch, Feimin Ma, and Xing Xu

Bone histology reveals the first record of titanosaur (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) from the Late Cretaceous of Bulgaria
PE 23(1):a10

Vladimir Nikolov, Marlena Yaneva, Docho Dochev, Ralitsa Konyovska, Ivanina Sergeeva, and Latinka Hristova

NSB (Neptune Sandbox Berlin): An expanded and improved database of marine planktonic microfossil data and deep-sea stratigraphy
PE 23(1):a11

Johan Renaudie, David B. Lazarus, and Patrick Diver

A new skull of an early diverging rorqual (Balaenopteridae, Mysticeti, Cetacea) from the late Miocene to early Pliocene of Yamagata, northeastern Japan
PE 23(1):a12

Yoshihiro Tanaka, Kazuo Nagasawa, and Yojiro Taketani 

A review of two large Jurassic pterodactyloid specimens from the Solnhofen of southern Germany
PE 23(1):a13

Ross A. Elgin and David W.E. Hone 

Vaquerosella perrillatae sp. nov.: A Miocene species of Echinarachniidae (Echinodermata: Clypeasteroida) from Baja California Sur, Mexico
PE 23(1):a14

Alejandra Martínez-Melo and Jesús Alvarado-Ortega











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