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A faunivorous early sphenacodontian synapsid with a diastema
PE 23(1):a01

Frederik Spindler

Early Pleistocene freshwater fishes of Copăceni (Dacian Basin, southern Romania)
PE 23(1):a02

Ştefan Vasile, Oleksandr Kovalchuk, Alexandru Petculescu, and Márton Venczel

What are the best modern analogs for ancient South American mammal communities? Evidence from ecological diversity analysis (EDA)
PE 23(1):a03

Angeline M. Catena and Darin A. Croft

Anatomy, taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships of Prestosuchus chiniquensis (Archosauria: Pseudosuchia) from the original collection of von Huene, Middle-Late Triassic of southern Brazil
PE 23(1):a04

Julia Brenda Desojo, María Belén von Baczko, and Oliver W.M. Rauhut 

Redescription and phylogenetic placement of the Cretaceous wasp Parviformosus wohlrabeae (Hymenoptera: Proctotrupomorpha)
PE 23(1):a05

Michael Haas, Roger A. Burks, Petr Janšta, and Lars Krogmann

Geochronology of the middle Eocene Purple Bench Locality (Devil’s Graveyard Formation), Trans-Pecos Texas, USA
PE 23(1):a06

Amy L. Atwater, Kelly D. Thomson, E. Christopher Kirk, Meaghan Emery-Wetherell, Logan Wetherell, and Daniel F. Stockli

Testing the impact of two key scan parameters on the quality and repeatability of measurements from CT scan data
PE 23(1):a07

Rosie L. Oakes, Morgan Hill Chase, Mark E. Siddall, and Jocelyn A. Sessa 

A new early occurrence of Cervidae in North America from the Miocene-Pliocene Ellensburg Formation in Washington, USA
PE 23(1):a08

Meaghan M. Emery-Wetherell and Joseph F. Schilter

An unusual new genus of istiodactylid pterosaur from China based on a near complete specimen
PE 23(1):a09

David W. E. Hone, Adam J. Fitch, Feimin Ma, and Xing Xu
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Bone histology reveals the first record of titanosaur (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) from the Late Cretaceous of Bulgaria
PE 23(1):a10

Vladimir Nikolov, Marlena Yaneva, Docho Dochev, Ralitsa Konyovska, Ivanina Sergeeva, and Latinka Hristova

NSB (Neptune Sandbox Berlin): An expanded and improved database of marine planktonic microfossil data and deep-sea stratigraphy
PE 23(1):a11

Johan Renaudie, David B. Lazarus, and Patrick Diver

A new skull of an early diverging rorqual (Balaenopteridae, Mysticeti, Cetacea) from the late Miocene to early Pliocene of Yamagata, northeastern Japan
PE 23(1):a12

Yoshihiro Tanaka, Kazuo Nagasawa, and Yojiro Taketani 

A review of two large Jurassic pterodactyloid specimens from the Solnhofen of southern Germany
PE 23(1):a13

Ross A. Elgin and David W.E. Hone 

Vaquerosella perrillatae sp. nov.: A Miocene species of Echinarachniidae (Echinodermata: Clypeasteroida) from Baja California Sur, Mexico
PE 23(1):a14

Alejandra Martínez-Melo and Jesús Alvarado-Ortega

A redescription of the three longest-known species of the acanthodian Cheiracanthus from the Middle Devonian of Scotland
PE 23(1):a15

Carole Burrow, Jan den Blaauwen, and Michael Newman

The Integrated Plant Record (IPR) analysis: Methodological advances and new insights into the evolution of European Palaeogene/Neogene vegetation
PE 23(1):a16

Vasilis Teodoridis, Petr Mazouch, and Johanna Kovar-Eder 

Novel analysis of locality data can inform better inventory and monitoring practices for paleontological resources at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon, USA
PE 23(1):a17

Anne E. Kort and Nicholas A. Famoso 

The Belgrade PaleoBlitz: A pilot project to engage amateur paleontologists
PE 23(1):a18

Victor J. Perez, Ronny M. Leder, Lisa Lundgren, Shari Ellis, Betty Dunckel, and Kent Crippen

An analysis of fossil identification guides to improve data reporting in citizen science programs
PE 23(1):a19

Dava K. Butler, Donald A. Esker, Kristopher L. Juntunen, and Daniel R. Lawver

Late Miocene molluscs of the Morskaya 2 site (Azov Sea region, Russia)
PE 23(1):a20

Pavel D. Frolov, Guzel A. Danukalova, and Eugenia M. Osipova

Computational fluid dynamics modeling of fossil ammonoid shells
PE 23(1):a21

Nicholas Hebdon, Kathleen A. Ritterbush, and YunJi Choi