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Fossil Calibration Database Closing

Article number: 27.1.1E

April 2024

For the last decade, the Fossil calibration database has been hosted by the The Palaeontological Association's server. This server is now reaching the end of its life, and is not being replaced: in large part this decision reflects changes in the online landscape since the Association started offering web hosting (today it is far easier to obtain hosting then even a decade ago). In addition, the Association has relied on in-house expertise of two volunteers to run these hosting services safely and securely, and access to this expertise will cease in the near future as these volunteers step back from their Association roles.

As such, the fossil calibration database needs to be migrated to a new server. As part of this, the codebase will need to be updated to run on current hardware. Despite an extensive search for volunteers, and in the absence of funding to achieve this, the website will soon be removed from the internet. If you would like to volunteer to help keep it online, please contact

The papers that were published in the Fossil Calibration series will remain online on the Palaeontologia Electronica site.