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Diversity and fossil record of larvae of three groups of lacewings with unusual ecology and functional morphology: Ithonidae, Coniopterygidae and Sisyridae
PE 25.2.14

Joachim T. Haug, Serita van der Wal, Carsten Gröhn, Christel Hoffeins, Hans-Werner Hoffeins, and Carolin Haug

Stenolaemate bryozoans from the Graham Formation, Pennsylvanian (Virgilian) at Lost Creek Lake, Texas, USA
PE 25.2.15

Andrej Ernst, Anna Lene Claussen, Barbara Seuss, and Patrick N. Wyse Jackson

Taphonomy of an Eocene micromammal assemblage in a lake-margin depositional setting elucidates an ancient food web
PE 25.2.16

Katerina Vasileiadou, Jerry J. Hooker, and Margaret E. Collinson

Symbiosis in corals and stromatoporoids from the Silurian of Baltica
PE 25.2.17

Tamara Borisenko, Olev Vinn, Volodymyr Grytsenko, Ion Francovschi, and Yury Zaika

Continuous character variation within the Glossopleura-Anoria-Sonoraspis plexus: Dolichometopid trilobites from the Cadiz Formation (Cambrian: Miaolingian, Wuliuan), California
PE 25.2.18

John R. Foster

Amphibians and squamate reptiles from the late Miocene of Fălciu (Eastern Romania)
PE 25.2.19

Vlad A. Codrea, Marian Bordeianu, and Márton Venczel

Taxonomic revision of the extinct clawed lobster genus Oncopareia Bosquet, 1854 (Decapoda, Astacidea, Nephropidae)
PE 25.2.20

Dale M. Tshudy, Matúš Hyžný, Martina Kočová Veselská, and John W. M. Jagt

A novel feeding mechanism of diplodocid sauropods revealed in an Apatosaurine skull from the Upper Jurassic Nail Quarry (Morrison Formation) at Como Bluff, Wyoming, USA
PE 25.2.21

Joseph E. Peterson, David Lovelace, Melissa Connely, and Julia B. McHugh 

Diptera of the Middle Eocene Kishenehn Formation II
PE 25.2.22

Dale E. Greenwalt, Dalton De Souza Amorim, Martin Hauser, Peter H. Kerr, Scott J. Fitzgerald, Shaun L. Winterton, Jeffrey M. Cumming, Neal L. Evenhuis, and Bradley J. Sinclair 

Body mass divergence in sympatric deer species of Pleistocene Crete (Greece)
PE 25.2.23

Eva Besiou, Maria Nefeli Choupa, George Lyras, and Alexandra van der Geer

A fragmentary leptonectid ichthyosaurian from the lower Pliensbachian of Luxembourg
PE 25.2.24

Valentin Fischer, Antoine Laboury, Kamil Bernacki, Laurent Garbay, Yan Gillen, Charel Rollinger, Anjin Thill, Robert Weis, and Ben Thuy

Putative Ordovician green alga Krejciella reinterpreted as enteropneust hemichordate tube (Czech Republic)
PE 25.2.25

Oldřich Fatka and Jakub Vodička 

Geographic and temporal variability in Pleistocene lion-like felids: Implications for their evolution and taxonomy
PE 25.2.26

Martin Sabol, Adam Tomašových, and Juraj Gullár

Ovummuridae (calcareous microfossils) from the Much Wenlock Limestone Formation, Shropshire, UK
PE 25.2.27

Rowshi Hussain, Steven L. Rogers, and Joel A. Blackburn


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PE 25.2.1R

Review by Ben Hillesheim

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PE 25.2.2R

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PE 25.2.3R

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