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Magnification and resolution in dental microwear analysis using light microscopy
PE Article Number 15.3.25A

Matthew C. Mihlbachler and Brian L. Beatty

Are there two distinct types of hypocone in Eocene primates? The 'pseudohypocone' of notharctines revisited
PE Article Number 15.3.26A

Robert L. Anemone, Matthew M. Skinner, and Wendy Dirks

A neomorphic ossification of the nasal cartilages and the structure of paranasal sinus system of the glyptodont Neosclerocalyptus Paula Couto 1957 (Mammalia, Xenarthra)
PE Article Number: 15.3.27A

Juan Carlos Fernicola, Néstor Toledo, M. Susana Bargo, and Sergio F. Vizcaíno

A possible fossil paralarva (Cephalopoda: Coleoidea) from the Solnhofen Lithographic Limestones (Upper Jurassic, southern Germany)
PE Article Number: 15.3.28A

Joachim T. Haug, Isabelle Kruta, and Carolin Haug

A revised listing of fossil mammals from the Haasgat cave system ex situ deposits (HGD), South Africa
PE Article Number: 15.3.29A

Justin W. Adams

Forearm orientation in Hadrosauridae (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) and implications for museum mounts
PE Article Number: 15.3.30A

Phil Senter

Discovery of a Pleistocene mysticete whale, Georgia Bight (USA)
PE Article Number: 15.3.31A

Ervan G. Garrison, Greg McFall, Alexander Cherkinsky, and Scott E. Noakes

Bite marks revisited – evidence for middle-to-late Eocene Basilosaurus isis predation on Dorudon atrox (both Cetacea, Basilosauridae)
PE Article Number: 15.3.32A

Julia M. Fahlke

Technical Articles

Mining morphological evolution in microfossils using volume density diagrams
PE Article Number 15.2.7T

Michael W. Knappertsbusch and Yannick Mary



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A taxonomic revision of orthosternous scorpions from the English Coal-measures aided by X-ray Micro-Tomography (XMT)
PE Article Number: 15.2.14A

David A. Legg, Russell J. Garwood, Jason A. Dunlop, and Mark D. Sutton

The enigmatic arthropod Camptophyllia
PE Article Number: 15.2.15A

Russell J. Garwood and Mark D. Sutton

A taxonomic guide to modern benthic shelf foraminifera of the western Mediterranean Sea
PE Article Number: 15.2.16A

Yvonne Milker and Gerhard Schmiedl

Phase-contrast synchrotron microtomography reveals the morphology of a partially visible new Pseudogarypus in Baltic amber (Pseudoscorpiones: Pseudogarypidae)
PE Article Number: 15.2.17A

Hans Henderickx, Paul Tafforeau, and Carmen Soriano

Imaging the inner ear in fossil mammals: High-resolution CT scanning and 3-D virtual reconstructions
Article number: 15.2.18A

Xijun Ni, John J. Flynn, and André R. Wyss

Experimental fluid mechanics of an Ediacaran frond
Article number: 15.2.19A

Amy Singer, Roy Plotnick, and Marc Laflamme

Sexual discrimination at work: Spinicaudatan ‘Clam Shrimp’ (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) as a model organism for the study of sexual system evolution
Article number: 15.2.20A

T.I. Astrop, L.E. Park, B. Brown, and S.C. Weeks

Genetic analysis of cave bear specimens from Niedźwiedzia Cave, Sudetes, Poland
Article number: 15.2.21A

Mateusz Baca, Anna Stankovic, Krzysztof Stefaniak, Adrian Marciszak, Michael Hofreiter, Adam Nadachowski, Piotr Węgleński, and Paweł Mackiewicz

More “dinosaur” and “pterosaur” rock art that isn’t
Article number: 15.2.22A

Phil Senter

The study of cuticular and epidermal features in fossil plant impressions using silicone replicas for scanning electron microscopy
Article number: 15.2.23A

Philippe Moisan

Exceptionally preserved nauplius larvae from the Devonian Windyfield chert, Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Article number 15.2.24A

Carolin Haug, Joachim T. Haug, Stephen R. Fayers, Nigel H. Trewin, Christopher Castellani, Dieter Waloszek, and Andreas Maas

Technical Articles

Non-destructive, safe removal of conductive metal coatings from fossils: a new solution
PE Article Number: 15.2.4T

David Jones, Jennifer Hartley, Gero Frisch, Mark Purnell, and Laurent Darras

SPIERS and VAXML: A software toolkit for tomographic visualisation and a format for virtual specimen interchange
PE Article Number: 15.2.5T

Mark D. Sutton, Russell J. Garwood, David J. Siveter, and Derek J. Siveter

A palaeobiologist's guide to 'virtual' micro-CT preparation
PE Article Number: 15.2.6T

Richard Leslie Abel, Carolina Rettondini Laurini, and Martha Richter

Commentaries and Reviews

The Diatoms: Applications for the Environmental and Earth Sciences
PE Review Number 15.2.2R

Reviewed by Patrick Kociolek

Paleontology in Peru: just beginning
PE Commentary Number 15.2.3E

Commentary by Carlos A. Vildoso Morales



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Extending the utility of artiodactyl postcrania for species-level identifications using multivariate morphometric analyses
PE Article Number: 15.1.1A

Edward Byrd Davis and Jonathan Jean-Michel Calède

Continuous 300,000-year fossil record: changes in the ornithofauna of Biśnik Cave, Poland
PE Article Number: 15.1.2A

Teresa Tomek, Zbigniew M. Bocheński, Paweł Sochal, and Krzysztof Stefaniak

Thecamoebian communities as proxies of seasonality in Lake Sadatal in the Ganga Yamuna Plains of North India
PE Article Number: 15.1.3A

Anjum Farooqui, Arun Kumar, and Graeme T. Swindles

Vasseuromys rambliensis sp. nov. (Gliridae, Mammalia) from the Ramblian (Lower Miocene) of the Tudela Formation (Ebro basin, Spain)
PE Article Number: 15.1.4A

Francisco J. Ruiz-Sánchez, Xabier Murelaga, Matthijs Freudenthal,
Juan C. Larrasoaña and Miguel Garcés

Equids from Emine-Bair-Khosar Cave (Crimea, Ukraine): co-occurrence of the stenonid Equus hydruntinus and the caballoid E. ferus latipes based on skull and postcranial remains
PE Article Number: 15.1.5A

Eline N. van Asperen, Krzysztof Stefaniak, Iurii Proskurnyak, and Bogdan Ridush

The effect of singletons and interval length on interpreting diversity trends from the palaeobotanical record
PE Article Number: 15.1.6A

Borja Cascales-Miñana and José Bienvenido Diez

Permian stromatolites associated with bivalve coquina beds - Angatuba, SP, Brazil (Teresina Formation, Paraná Basin)
PE Article Number: 15.1.7A

William Sallun Filho, Renato Pirani Ghilardi, Loreine Hermida Silva e Silva and Jorge Hachiro

Nesiotites rafelinensis sp. nov., the earliest shrew (Mammalia, Soricidae) from the Balearic Islands, Spain
PE Article Number: 15.1.8A

Juan Rofes, Pere Bover, Gloria Cuenca-Bescós, and Josep Antoni Alcover

Fauna and ecology of the holothurian bed, Llandrindod, Wales, UK (Darriwilian, Middle Ordovician), and the oldest articulated holothurian
PE Article Number 15.1.9A

Joseph P. Botting and Lucy A. Muir

Neoichnology of the desert scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis: burrows to biogenic cross lamination
PE Article Number 15.1.10A

Daniel I. Hembree, Lee M. Johnson, and Robert W. Tenwalde

A revision of the Devonian Malvinokaffric dalmanitid trilobite Dalmanitoides Delo, 1935,on the basis of new data from Argentina
PE Article Number 15.1.11A

Juan J. Rustán and N. Emilio Vaccari

Error rates and observer bias in dental microwear analysis using light microscopy
PE Article Number 15.1.12A

Matthew C. Mihlbachler, Brian L. Beatty, Angela Caldera-Siu, Doris Chan, and Richard Lee

Giant fossil soft-shelled turtles of North America
PE Article Number 15.1.13A

Natasha S. Vitek

Technical Articles

Acquisition of high resolution three-dimensional models using free, open-source, photogrammetric software
PE Article Number: 15.1.1T

Peter L. Falkingham

Idealized landmark-based geometric reconstructions of poorly preserved fossil material: A case study of an early tetrapod vertebra
PE Article Number: 15.1.2T

Julia L. Molnar, Stephanie E. Pierce, Jennifer A. Clack, and John R. Hutchinson

Methodology of the micro-computer tomography on foraminifera
PE Article Number: 15.1.3T

Ágnes Görög, Balázs Szinger, Emőke Tóth, János Viszkok

Commentaries and Reviews

New horizons for electronic paleontology: Forward in all directions
PE Commentary Number: 15.1.1E

P. David Polly

Paleontology in France: 200 years in the footsteps of Cuvier and Lamarck
PE Commentary Number: 15.1.2E

Thomas Servais, Pierre-Olivier Antoine, Taniel Danelian, Bertrand Lefebvre, and Brigitte Meyer-Berthaud

Ichnology: Organism-substrate interactions in space and time
PE Review Number: 15.1.1R

Reviewed by Mark A. Wilson