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Achieving kinematic identity across shape diversity in musculoskeletal modeling
PE 27.1.a1

Adam D. Sylvester and Patricia Ann Kramer

Fossil snakes of the Penny Creek Local Fauna from Webster County, Nebraska, USA, and the first record of snakes from the Early Clarendonian (12.5-12 Ma) of North America
PE 27.1.a2

John J. Jacisin III and A. Michelle Lawing

Miocene and Pliocene amphibians from Hambach (Germany): New evidence for a late Neogene refuge in northwestern Europe 
PE 27.1.a3

Andrea Villa, Loredana Macaluso, and Thomas Mörs

Late Oligocene decapod crustaceans from the Trbovlje Formation of Slovenia, with a description of two new species of hymenosomatid crabs
PE 27.1.a4

Rok Gašparič, Matúš Hyžný, Tomaž Hitij, and Aleš Šoster

A new goniopholidid crocodylomorph from the Late Jurassic of Portugal
PE 27.1.a5

Víctor López-Rojas, Simão Mateus, João Marinheiro, Octávio Mateus, and Eduardo Puértolas-Pascual

Towards sustainable treatments to preserve fossils from weathering, as part of the garden redevelopment project at the Natural History Museum
PE 27.1.a6

Lu Allington-Jones, Kieran Miles, and Innes Clatworthy

White shark comparison reveals a slender body for the extinct megatooth shark, Otodus megalodon (Lamniformes: Otodontidae)
PE 27.1.a7

Phillip C. Sternes, Patrick L. Jambura, Julia Türtscher, Jürgen Kriwet, Mikael Siversson, Iris Feichtinger, Gavin J.P. Naylor, Adam P. Summers, John G. Maisey, Taketeru Tomita, Joshua K. Moyer, Timothy E. Higham, João Paulo C.B. da Silva, Hugo Bornatowski, Douglas J. Long, Victor J. Perez, Alberto Collareta, Charlie Underwood, David J. Ward, Romain Vullo, Gerardo González-Barba, Harry M. Maisch IV, Michael L. Griffiths, Martin A. Becker, Martin A. Becker, and Kenshu Shimada

A feeding organ the basihyal and thyrohyal tells which size of prey do true baleen whales (Cetacea, Chaeomysticeti) eat
PE 27.1.a8

Yoshihiro Tanaka

Trilobite moulting behaviour variability had little association with body proportions
PE 27.1.a9

Harriet B. Drage 

Numerical taxonomy and genus-species identification of Czekanowskiales in China based on machine learning
PE 27.1.a10

Bo Zhang, Cunlin Xin, Dong Yang, Zhipeng Jiao, Songxin Liu, Guoyun Di, and Han Zhao

Ethological interpretation of making the pellet designs by the bubbler crab Dotilla on the modern intertidal beaches: A study from the Bay of Bengal coast, Eastern India
PE 27.1.a11

Chandreyee De

The earliest fossil evidence of spiny feather (pinnate-leaved) palms from the K-Pg of Gondwana
PE 27.1.a12

Sanchita Kumar, Tao Su, Robert A. Spicer, and Mahasin Ali Khan 

Were terror birds the apex continental predators of Antarctica? New findings in the early Eocene of Seymour Island 
PE 27.1.a13

Carolina Acosta Hospitaleche and Washington Jones

New records of Bennettitales and associated flora from the Jurassic of the Cualac Formation, Mexico
PE 27.1.a14

María Patricia Velasco de León, Erika Lourdes Ortiz Martínez, Miguel Angel Flores Barragan, Diana Silvia Guzmán Madrid, and Pedro Christian Martínez Martinez

Pleistocene record of mammals and pollen from Mexico (Las Tazas, Valsequillo, Puebla) and their paleoenvironmental interpretation
PE 27.1.a15

Azarael Tomas-Mosso, Carlos Castañeda-Posadas, J. Alberto Cruz, and Iván Alarcón-Durán

The challenge of hard-to-reach spaces in mechanical fossil preparation: Development of the Wada air scribe, a novel short-bodied air scribe with an adjustable handle
PE 27.1.a16

Tomonori Tanaka, Kazumi Wada, Akiko Shinya, and Tadahiro Ikeda 

An early Cambrian pelago-benthic acorn worm and the origin of the hemichordate larva
PE 27.1.a17

Xianfeng Yang, Julien Kimmig, Christopher B. Cameron, Karma Nanglu, Sara R. Kimmig, Danielle de Carle, Caixia Zhang, Mengxiao Yu, and Shanchi Peng

Unravelling the origin of the brown hyena (Parahyena brunnea) and its evolutionary and paleoecological implications for the Pachycrocuta lineage
PE 27.1.a18

Juan Antonio Pérez-Claros

Stable isotope (ẟ13C, ẟ18O) paleoecology of the late Early Miocene mammalian fauna from Buluk, Kenya
PE 27.1.a19

Irisa Arney, Ellis M. Locke, Ellen R. Miller, and Isaiah O. Nengo

The first record of Lower Cretaceous otoliths from the Kimigahama Formation (Barremian) of the Choshi Group, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
PE 27.1.a20

Shinya Miyata, Shinji Isaji, Kenji Kashiwagi, and Hidehiko Asai 

Cranial anatomy of Indohyus indirae (Raoellidae), an artiodactyl from the Eocene of India, and its implications for raoellid biology
PE 27.1.a21

Sonam Patel, Avinash C. Nanda, Maëva Orliac, and Johannes G. M. Thewissen

A reinterpretation and taxonomic revision of Ultrastenos willisi Stein, Hand and Archer, 2016, a short-snouted mekosuchine crocodylian from the Oligocene of northern Australia
PE 27.1.a22

Adam M. Yates and Michael Stein

First occurrence of a †coccolepidid fish (?Chondrostei: †Coccolepididae) from the Upper Lias (Toarcian, Early Jurassic) of southern Germany
PE 27.1.a23

Samuel L.A. Cooper, Adriana López-Arbarello, and Erin E. Maxwell 

Outline analysis as a new method for investigating development in fossil crabs
PE 27.1.a24

Florian Braig, Gabriela Torres, Luis Giménez, and Joachim T. Haug

A new name for old bones: A reassessment of Early Jurassic theropod remains from Dorset, England
PE 27.1.a25

Matthew G. Baron