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New look at Concavicaris woodfordi (Euarthropoda: Pancrustacea?) using micro-computed tomography
PE 26.1.1

Thomas Laville, Thomas A. Hegna, Marie-Béatrice Forel, Simon Darroch, and Sylvain Charbonnier

New species and evolution of the foraminiferal family Janischewskinidae in the middle–upper Mississippian of South China
PE 26.1.2

Chao Liu, Daniel Vachard, Pedro Cózar, and Ismael Coronado

Late Pleistocene and Holocene pikas (Mammalia, Lagomorpha) from Europe and the validity of Ochotona spelaea: New insights based on mtDNA analysis
PE 26.1.3

Emilia Rabiniak, Leonid Rekovets, John R. Stewart, Love Dalén, Nick Barton, Tomasz Strzała, Zoltán Barkaszi, and Oleksandr Kovalchuk

Description of contents of unopened bamboo corsets and crates from Quarry Ig/WJ of the Tendaguru locality (Late Jurassic, Tanzania, East Africa) as revealed by medical CT data and the potential of this data under paleontological and historical aspects
PE 26.1.4

Daniela Schwarz, Guido Fritsch, Ahi Sema Issever, and Thomas Hildebrandt

The Middle Devonian acanthodian Orcadacanthus n. gen. from the Orcadian Basin of Scotland
PE 26.1.5

Michael J. Newman, Jan L. den Blaauwen, Carole J. Burrow, Roger Jones, and Robert G. Davidson

Oldest record of Alligator in southeastern North America
PE 26.1.6

Alexander K. Hastings, Blaine W. Schubert, Jason R. Bourque, and Richard C. Hulbert, Jr.

Anchitheriomys buceei (Rodentia, Castoridae) from the Miocene of Texas and a review of the Miocene beavers from the Texas Coastal Plain, USA
PE 26.1.7

Steven R. May and Matthew A. Brown

Twenty-five well-justified fossil calibrations for primate divergences
PE 26.1.8

Dorien de Vries and Robin M.D. Beck

A large coelacanth, †Whiteia giganteus sp. nov., from the Triassic of Texas, USA, establishes a Pangean radiation of early Mesozoic actinistians
PE 26.1.9

Chase D. Brownstein 

A new approach to the systematics of Laeviprosopon (Brachyura: Homolidae), with remarks on molting process of the early brachyurans
PE 26.1.10

Natalia Starzyk, Barry W.M. Van Bakel, Adiël A. Klompmaker, Günter Schweigert, and René H.B. Fraaije

Morphological insights into the lobster genus Uncina Quenstedt, 1851 based on new material from the Ya Ha Tinda Konservat-Lagerstätte, Canada (Early Jurassic)
PE 26.1.11

Brooke A. Bogan, Rowan C. Martindale, Rodney M. Feldmann, Carrie E. Schweitzer, and A. Drew Muscente
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The anatomy and diversity of the pterosaurian sternum
PE 26.1.12

David W. E. Hone

Bayesian inference reveals a complex evolutionary history of belemnites
PE 26.1.13

Kevin Stevens, Alexander Pohle, René Hoffmann, and Adrian Immenhauser

The intriguing shapes of the ammonoid whorl
PE 26.1.14

Daniel A. Morón-Alfonso, Marcela Cichowolski, René Hoffmann, Dieter Korn, Verónica V. Vennari, and Ninon Allaire

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Review: The Princeton Field Guide to Mesozoic Sea Reptiles
PE 26.1.1R