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Synoptic revision of the Silurian fauna from the Pentland Hills, Scotland described by Lamont (1978)
PE 22.2.19

Yves Candela and William R.B. Crighton

Fusion in the vertebral column of the pachyosteomorph arthrodire Dunkleosteus terrelli (‘Placodermi’)
PE 22.2.20

Zerina Johanson, Kate Trinajstic, Stephen Cumbaa, and Michael J. Ryan

Alternating stripmining and sequestration in deep-sea sediments: The trace fossil Polykampton–an ecologic and ichnotaxonomic evaluation
PE 22.2.21

Alfred Uchman, Andreas Wetzel, and Bruno Rattazzi 

New subgenus and three new species of soldier beetles from the Eocene of Baltic amber
PE 22.2.22

Janusz Kupryjanowicz and Fabrizio Fanti

A new genus of ptyctodont (Placodermi) from the Late Devonian of Baltic area
PE 22.2.23

Kate Trinajstic, John A. Long, Alexander O. Ivanov, and Elga Mark-Kurik

The hydrostatics of Paleozoic ectocochleate cephalopods (Nautiloidea and Endoceratoidea) with implications for modes of life and early colonization of the pelagic zone
PE 22.2.24

David J. Peterman, Christopher C. Barton, and Margaret M. Yacobucci

Early-Middle Pleistocene environmental and biotic transition in NW Armenia, southern Caucasus
PE 22.2.25

Alexey S. Tesakov, Alexandra N. Simakova, Pavel D. Frolov, Eugenia K. Sytchevskaya, Elena V. Syromyatnikova, Irina V. Foronova, Eugenia A. Shalaeva, and Vladimir G. Trifonov