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Synoptic revision of the Silurian fauna from the Pentland Hills, Scotland described by Lamont (1978)
PE 22.2.19

Yves Candela and William R.B. Crighton

Fusion in the vertebral column of the pachyosteomorph arthrodire Dunkleosteus terrelli (‘Placodermi’)
PE 22.2.20

Zerina Johanson, Kate Trinajstic, Stephen Cumbaa, and Michael J. Ryan

Alternating stripmining and sequestration in deep-sea sediments: The trace fossil Polykampton–an ecologic and ichnotaxonomic evaluation
PE 22.2.21

Alfred Uchman, Andreas Wetzel, and Bruno Rattazzi 

New subgenus and three new species of soldier beetles from the Eocene of Baltic amber
PE 22.2.22

Janusz Kupryjanowicz and Fabrizio Fanti

A new genus of ptyctodont (Placodermi) from the Late Devonian of Baltic area
PE 22.2.23

Kate Trinajstic, John A. Long, Alexander O. Ivanov, and Elga Mark-Kurik

The hydrostatics of Paleozoic ectocochleate cephalopods (Nautiloidea and Endoceratoidea) with implications for modes of life and early colonization of the pelagic zone
PE 22.2.24

David J. Peterman, Christopher C. Barton, and Margaret M. Yacobucci

Early-Middle Pleistocene environmental and biotic transition in NW Armenia, southern Caucasus
PE 22.2.25

Alexey S. Tesakov, Alexandra N. Simakova, Pavel D. Frolov, Eugenia K. Sytchevskaya, Elena V. Syromyatnikova, Irina V. Foronova, Eugenia A. Shalaeva, and Vladimir G. Trifonov

The historical archive of the Palaeontological Collection Of Tübingen, Germany
PE 22.2.26

Juliane K. Hinz and Ingmar Werneburg

An overview of Open Access publishing in palaeontology
PE 22.2.27

Jonathan P. Tennant and Dean R. Lomax

A new species of Cacomorphocerus Schaufuss, 1892 (Coleoptera: Cantharidae) from Baltic amber with a key to known species
PE 22.2.28

Andris Bukejs, Fabrizio Fanti, and Ryan C. McKellar

Skeletal atlas of the Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus)
PE 22.2.29

Natalie M. Warburton, Kenny J. Travouillon, and Aaron B. Camens 

Forelimbs of the theropod dinosaur Dilophosaurus wetherilli: Range of motion, influence of paleopathology and soft tissues, and description of a distal carpal bone
PE 22.2.30

Philip J. Senter and Corwin Sullivan

Crown beaked whale fossils from the Chepotsunai Formation (latest Miocene) of Tomamae Town, Hokkaido, Japan
PE 22.2.31

Yoshihiro Tanaka, Mahito Watanabe, and Masaichi Kimura

First partial skeleton of Delphinornis larseni Wiman, 1905, a slender-footed penguin from the Eocene of Antarctic Peninsula
PE 22.2.32

Piotr Jadwiszczak and Thomas Mörs

New genus and species of Lamprosomatinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from Eocene Baltic amber
PE 22.2.33

Andris Bukejs

Quantifying intra- and interspecific variability in trilobite moulting behaviour across the Palaeozoic
PE 22.2.34

Harriet B. Drage

First mesonychid from the Clarno Formation (Eocene) of Oregon, USA
PE 22.2.35

Selina V. Robson, Nicholas A. Famoso, Edward Byrd Davis, and Samantha S.B. Hopkins

Revision of the Early Devonian psammosteids from the “Placoderm Sandstone”: Implications for their body shape reconstruction
PE 22.2.36

Marek Dec 

The antiarch fish Asterolepis orcadensis from the Scottish Middle Devonian
PE 22.2.37

Michael Newman, Jan den Blaauwen, and David Leather

Reaching across the ocean of time: A midge morphotype from the Cretaceous of Gondwana found in the Eocene Baltic amber
PE 22.2.38

Viktor Baranov, Christel Hoffeins, Hans-Werner Hoffeins, and Joachim T. Haug

Oriented microwear on a tooth of Edestus minor (Chondrichthyes, Eugeneodontiformes): Implications for dental function
PE 22.2.39

Wayne M. Itano

Preliminary investigation of a diverse megafossil floral assemblage from the middle Miocene of southern Mississippi, USA
PE 22.2.40

Daniel M. McNair, Debra Z. Stults, Brian Axsmith, Mac H. Alford, and James E. Starnes

Early Cambrian Small Shelly Fossils from northwest Mexico: Biostratigraphic implications for Laurentia
PE 22.2.41

Léa Devaere, Sébastien Clausen, Jesús Porfirio Sosa-Leon, Juan José Palafox-Reyes, Blanca Estela Buitrón-Sánchez, and Daniel Vachard

Ricciopsis sandaolingensis sp. nov., a new fossil bryophyte from the Middle Jurassic Xishanyao Formation in the Turpan-Hami Basin, Xinjiang, Northwest China 
PE 22.2.42

Ruiyun Li, Xiaoqiang Li, Hongshan Wang, and Bainian Sun

New fossil cylindrical bark beetle (Zopheridae: Colydiinae: Gempylodini) from Eocene Baltic amber: An abnormal or intermediate form within Tenebrionoidea 
PE 22.2.43

Vitalii I. Alekseev and Pavel I. Alekseev

A reassessment of the osteology of Mourasuchus amazonensis Price, 1964 with comments on the taxonomy of the species
PE 22.2.44

Giovanne M. Cidade, Douglas Riff, Jonas P. de Souza-Filho, and Annie Schmaltz Hsiou

Aloisalthella, a new genus of fossil Polyphysacean green algae (Chlorophyta, Dasycladales), with notes on the genus Clypeina (Michelin, 1845)
PE 22.2.45

Bruno R.C. Granier and Alexandre Lethiers

Dissorophid diversity at the early Permian cave system near Richards Spur, Oklahoma, USA
PE 22.2.46

Bryan M. Gee, Joseph J. Bevitt, and Robert R. Reisz

New species of Kromtitis Müller, 1984 (Decapoda: Brachyura: Dynomenidae) from the Eocene of Iberian Peninsula
PE 22.2.47

Àlex Ossó

Lower Jurassic corals from Morocco with skeletal structures convergent with those of Paleozoic rugosan corals Lower Jurassic corals from Morocco with skeletal structures convergent with those of Paleozoic rugosan corals
PE 22.2.48

Raphaël Vasseur, Simon Boivin, Bernard Lathuilière, Iuliana Lazar, Christophe Durlet, Rowan-Clare Martindale, Stéphane Bodin, and Khalid Elhmidi

Shark-cetacean trophic interactions during the late Pliocene in the Central Eastern Pacific (Panama)
PE 22.2.49

Dirley Cortés, Carlos De Gracia, Jorge D. Carrillo-Briceño, Gabriel Aguirre-Fernández, Carlos Jaramillo, Aldo Benites-Palomino, and Joaquín Enrique Atencio-Araúz 

Diptera of the middle Eocene Kishenehn Formation. I. Documentation of diversity at the family level 
PE 22.2.50

Dale E. Greenwalt, Daniel J. Bickel, Peter H. Kerr, Gregory R. Curler, Brian V. Brown, Herman de Jong, Scott J. Fitzgerald, Torsten Dikow, Michal Tkoč, Christian Kehlmaier, and Dalton De Souza Amorim 

Stratigraphic ranking of selected invertebrate fossils: A quantitative approach at different temporal and geographic scales
PE 22.2.51

Ahmed A. Abdelhady, Barbara Seuss, and Hatem F. Hassan

Astrapotheres from Cañadón Vaca, middle Eocene of central Patagonia. New insights on diversity, anatomy and early evolution of Astrapotheria
PE 22.2.52

Alejandro G. Kramarz, Mariano Bond, and Alfredo A. Carlini

On the oldest Mongolian moschids (Mammalia, Ruminantia) and the early moschid evolution
PE 22.2.53

Bastien Mennecart, Manuela Aiglstorfer, Ursula B. Göhlich, and Gudrun Daxner-Höck


2019 Palaeontological Virtual  Congress

A new skull of Decennatherium rex Ríos, Sánchez and Morales, 2017 from Batallones-4 (upper Vallesian, MN10, Madrid, Spain) 
PE 22.2.PVC_1

María Ríos and Jorge Morales

Rolling bones: A preliminary study of micromammal abrasion on different initial taphonomic stages

Sara García-Morato, María Dolores Marin-Monfort, and Yolanda Fernández-Jalvo