612 tocaUpper Pleistocene blow flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) trapped in fossilized crania of large mammals discovered from gravel pits in the Rhine rift valley from Hesse (Germany)

Bastian Mähler, Torsten Wappler, Mayuran Sanmugaraja, Frank Menger, and Wighart von Koenigswald

Article number: 19.2.13A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, May 2016


573 tocNew data on Eulipotyphla (Insectivora, Mammalia) from the Late Miocene to the Middle Pleistocene of Ukraine

Barbara Rzebik-Kowalska and Leonid I. Rekovets

Article number: 19.1.9A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, February 2016


607 tocFossil clitellate annelid cocoons and their microbiological inclusions from the Eocene of Seymour Island, Antarctica

Stephen McLoughlin, Benjamin Bomfleur, Thomas Mörs, and Marcelo Reguero

Article number: 19.1.11A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, April 2016


664 tocAn Early Neogene Elasmobranch fauna from the southern Caribbean (Western Venezuela)

Jorge D. Carrillo-Briceño, Orangel A. Aguilera, Carlos De Gracia, Gabriel Aguirre-Fernández, René Kindlimann, and Marcelo R. Sánchez-Villagra

Article number: 19.2.28A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, August 2016


604 tocFirst bird footprints from the lower Miocene Lerín Formation, Ebro Basin, Spain

Ignacio Díaz-Martínez, Oier Suarez-Hernando, Blanca María Martínez-García, Juan Cruz Larrasoaña, and Xabier Murelaga

Article number: 19.1.7A
Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, February 2016


564 tocNew basal dinosauromorph records from the Dockum Group of Texas, USA

Volkan Sarıgül

Article number: 19.2.21A
Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, July 2016


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