618 tocPleistocene Bovidae (Mammalia) from Malapa, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Juliet K. Brophy, Darryl J. de Ruiter, Mikael Fortelius, Marion Bamford, and Lee R. Berger

Article number: 19.2.16A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, June 2016


597 tocBiting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in Fushun amber reveal further biotic links between Asia and Europe during the Eocene

Frauke Stebner, Ryszard Szadziewski, and Bo Wang

Article number: 19.3.31A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, September 2016


697 tocNon-destructive analysis of in situ ammonoid jaws by synchrotron radiation X-ray micro-computed tomography

Yusuke Takeda, Kazushige Tanabe, Takenori Sasaki, Kentaro Uesugi, and Masato Hoshino

Article number: 19.3.46A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, November 2016


592 tocAtaxioceras (Ataxioceras) lopeztichae Cantú-Chapa, 1991: Updating the systematic and palaeobiogeographic interpretation

Luis Moliner, Federico Olóriz, and Ana Bertha Villaseñor

Article number: 19.2.19A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, July 2016


571 toc2What nymphal morphology can tell us about parental investment – a group of cockroach hatchlings in Baltic amber documented by a multi-method approach

Marie K. Hörnig, Andy Sombke, Carolin Haug, Steffen Harzsch, and Joachim T. Haug

Article number: 19.1.6A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, February 2016


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