880 tocEarly Cambrian Small Shelly Fossils from northwest Mexico: Biostratigraphic implications for Laurentia

Léa Devaere, Sébastien Clausen, Jesús Porfirio Sosa-Leon, Juan José Palafox-Reyes, Blanca Estela Buitrón-Sánchez, and Daniel Vachard

Article number: 22.2.41
Copyright Paleontological Society, July 2019


906 tocPreliminary investigation of a diverse megafossil floral assemblage from the middle Miocene of southern Mississippi, USA

Daniel M. McNair, Debra Z. Stults, Brian Axsmith, Mac H. Alford, and James E. Starnes

Article number: 22.2.40
Copyright Paleontological Society, July 2019


955 tocReaching across the ocean of time: A midge morphotype from the Cretaceous of Gondwana found in the Eocene Baltic amber

Viktor Baranov, Christel Hoffeins, Hans-Werner Hoffeins, and Joachim T. Haug

Article number: 22.2.38
Copyright Paleontological Society, June 2019


970 tocThe antiarch fish Asterolepis orcadensis from the Scottish Middle Devonian

Michael Newman, Jan den Blaauwen, and David Leather

Article number: 22.2.37
Copyright Palaeontological Association, June 2019


856 tocFirst mesonychid from the Clarno Formation (Eocene) of Oregon, USA

Selina V. Robson, Nicholas A. Famoso, Edward Byrd Davis, and Samantha S.B. Hopkins

Article number: 22.2.35
Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, June 2019


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