278 tocMining morphological evolution in microfossils using volume density diagrams

Michael W. Knappertsbusch and Yannick Mary

Article number: 15.3.7T
Copyright Paleontological Society, September 2012


289 tocSPIERS and VAXML: A software toolkit for tomographic visualisation and a format for virtual specimen interchange

Mark D. Sutton, Russell J. Garwood, David J. Siveter, and Derek J. Siveter

Article number: 15.2.5T
Copyright Palaeontological Association, May 2012


303 tocNon-destructive, safe removal of conductive metal coatings from fossils: a new solution

David Jones, Jennifer Hartley, Gero Frisch, Mark Purnell, and Laurent Darras

Article number: 15.2.4T
Copyright Palaeontological Association, May 2012


284 tocA palaeobiologist's guide to 'virtual' micro-CT preparation

Richard Leslie Abel, Carolina Rettondini Laurini, and Martha Richter

Article number: 15.2.6T
Copyright Palaeontological Association, May 2012


261 tocMethodology of the micro-computer tomography on foraminifera

Ágnes Görög, Balázs Szinger, Emőke Tóth, and János Viszkok

Article Number: 15.1.3T
Copyright Palaeontological Association, February 2012


274 tocIdealized landmark-based geometric reconstructionsof poorly preserved fossil material:
A case study of an early tetrapod vertebra

Julia L. Molnar, Stephanie E. Pierce, Jennifer A. Clack, and John R. Hutchinson

Article number: 15.1.2T
Copyright Palaeontological Association, February 2012



New horizons for electronic paleontology: Forward in all directions

Commentary by P. David Polly

Commentary Number: 15.1.1E
Published January 2012


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